How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Account On Desktop

As technology has advanced, the world has transformed into a Global Village. Communication is now more convenient than ever before, just a tap away. 

WhatsApp is among the most widely used social apps, enabling users to text, call, or video chat from any part of the world. In 2020, approximately 2 billion individuals used WhatsApp due to its speed and free of charge nature.

Given its widespread usage, having multiple WhatsApp accounts is quite common. People maintain multiple accounts for personal and professional purposes. Many professionals configure their WhatsApp accounts on the desktop to reduce distractions from their mobile phones and maintain focus. If you are also looking to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on desktop but are unsure how to do so, we are here to offer guidance.

Utilizing The Same Browser To Establish Multiple WhatsApp Account

Firstly, ensure that you have your smartphone with a stable internet connection and an updated version of WhatsApp.

  • Launch a browser of your choice (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
  • Visit – A QR code will be displayed on your screen.
  • Access your phone, go to Menu/Settings, tap on WhatsApp web, and scan the QR code on the desktop. 

The WhatsApp account on the desktop is now synchronized with the one on your phone. 

To set up an additional WhatsApp account, open a private or inCognito window in your browser. Navigate to the same web address, i.e., 

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Account On Desktop

  • Scan the QR code for the account you wish to use. Once these steps are done, you can now use both your accounts on the desktop.

This is a convenient method to configure two or more WhatsApp accounts on your desktop. You can exchange messages on WhatsApp while working on your desktop.

 However, once you log out, you will lose your WhatsApp session as well as the login details. In simple terms, you will need to set up your WhatsApp account each time you wish to log in.

Using Different Browsers To Set Up Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

If you prefer to avoid the hassle of repeatedly scanning the code to access your WhatsApp account, simply use a different browser. After logging into one account through a specific browser, let’s say Chrome, utilize a different browser to log into your other WhatsApp account. The steps are straightforward: go to and scan the QR code.

 If you have access to multiple browsers, this process will only take a minute.

You now have two distinct WhatsApp accounts set up on your desktop. You can use both simultaneously. But what if you want to set up a third account? Don’t worry; we won’t judge you for having a third WhatsApp account.

There are several applications and chrome extensions available that allow you to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on desktop.

Multi Messenger App

Search for a multi-messenger app on your browser and add it as a chrome extension. This app provides easy access to all social apps, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

  • Once you have Multi-messenger as your chrome extension, open it and click on the WhatsApp icon. This will direct you to a QR code.
  • Open the account you want to set up on your phone and scan the QR code.

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Account On Desktop

Once the code is scanned, you can use WhatsApp on the desktop. 

Session Box

This is another chrome extension that enables multiple logins on the same website. Locate and download it through your browser. After adding it as a chrome extension, open it and search for WhatsApp Web in the browser. Now, on your phone, open the account you want to sync and scan the QR code. It is user-friendly and free. Moreover, with this extension, you can configure as many WhatsApp accounts as you wish.

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Account On Desktop

Final Thoughts:

In today’s fast-paced world, communication is crucial for success. WhatsApp has become the primary app for this purpose, enabling users to exchange text, voice and video messages, as well as files. If you are a busy professional with extensive communication requirements or someone with a large social circle, having multiple WhatsApp accounts on desktop could be a game-changer. In this article, we have outlined various methods to achieve this; we sincerely hope it proves helpful.

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