Interview with Chuck Quinton – Rotary Swing Founder and Golf Teaching Pro

Chuck Quinton’s golf instruction website is currently among the most popular online platforms, drawing thousands of daily visitors. It features over 300 self-produced instructional videos and more than 150 informative articles. Chuck Quinton’s YouTube videos have garnered millions of views, and he has been a featured guest on ESPN Sports Radio and various local radio shows across the nation. 

Chuck Quinton has assisted numerous golfers of all skill levels, including players on the PGA Tour, Tour, European PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Futures Tour, Hooters Tour, Gateway Tour, and various other mini-tours. He has devoted extensive time to research, ongoing instruction, and the creation of Rotary Swing.

Formerly a Teaching Professional at Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado, Chuck Quinton established the Rotary Swing Golf Academy at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, Florida, where he conducts winter golf instruction. 

Chuck Quinton is also the author of “The Rotary Swing,” a bestselling golf instruction book that has earned him a global fan base. He has also developed the instructional DVD series, “Swing Plane Made Simple” and “Short Game Made Simple,” in addition to the “Rotary Swing Tour Certification Manual”. 

We had the opportunity to speak with Chuck about his journey and current endeavors.

How did you begin your career as a professional player and instructor?

After completing college, I participated in amateur golf in Colorado. Subsequently, I sought lessons from a reputable Colorado golf professional. I realized the importance of year-round practice and exposure to top golf pros. This led me to Florida, a region brimming with high-level golfers. I extensively interviewed golf pros and finally found a mentor capable of effectively guiding me in achieving my aspirations to turn pro.

While I was enthusiastic about golf at a young age and had started coaching, I was still in the process of honing my own swing. However, I was determined to find an instructor who not only excelled in theory but could also demonstrate the skills effectively to students. This experience was pivotal for me in understanding the significance of practical expertise in teaching.

Describe your first experience in a professional tournament.

My debut pro tournament in Orlando was somewhat disheartening. Despite my enthusiasm and preparation, I faced several challenges during the competition. Although I shot 72 with four birdies and four bogeys, I found myself confronting a lingering issue with missed shots. This led to a frustrating conversation with my coach, where I sought solutions to my ongoing ball-striking struggles.

How did you transition from being a player to becoming an instructor?

Afterward, I sought instruction from multiple mentors to address my diminishing performance. However, the lessons seemed to exacerbate my struggles, leading to deep frustration and financial strain. Despite this, my proficiency attracted attention, and I started coaching other professional players. Surprisingly, most of my students were fellow tour pros, drawn to my unique swing and continuous pursuit of improvement through self-education.

Which of your methods do you consider to have the greatest impact on golfers’ game improvement?

The DEAD Drill has had a significant impact on simplifying and enhancing the golf swing, making it accessible and powerful while being body-friendly. My objective is to expand its reach to a wider audience, helping golfers achieve consistent breakthroughs in their game. Recently, I introduced AXIOM to our Rotary Swing community, which, combined with the DEAD Drill, is poised to revolutionize golf instruction and ensure success for golfers.

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