Is It Safe to Travel to Eastern Europe? A Complete Travel Guide

Eastern Europe is a place that may not be as familiar to visitors/travelers as in different parts of Europe. But it is definitely a treasure of a place, simply waiting to be explored. 

If you are daring enough to explore these regions of the world, you will be greatly rewarded with breathtaking scenes and great culinary styles. 

It’s an area beyond the usual for most Americans who prefer to stick to significant issues in Western Europe (which is, of course, an excellent locale as well).

But if you enjoy visiting select countries that are not highly recognized, you should travel to Eastern Europe.

Is It Safe to Travel to Eastern Europe? A Complete Travel Guide

Croatia is the perfect place to reconnect with the wilderness this autumn!

Many places are embracing well-designed initiatives, and it’s quite possible to explore numerous of their splendid capital cities and small towns without being overwhelmed by tourists. 

Eastern Europe is primarily tailored for a traveler or an explorer who enjoys immersing themselves in the local culture and meeting new people in these Eastern European countries. 

Is Eastern Europe secure?

Anyone who has taken a secondary school history class including the twentieth century knows that Eastern Europe has a tumultuous history. 

Despite its recent history, one could not be deterred from traveling to Eastern Europe. Traveling through these regions is just as safe as other, less familiar European regions. 

But rest assured that you’ll be as safe in Eastern Europe as anywhere else in the world. There’s more of a language barrier rather than in more well-known cities like Rome.

The best way to journey to Eastern Europe is to try to connect with friendly locals who will go out of their way to assist you in your travels, whether or not they speak your language. 

If you require all the essential and specific travel tips for Eastern Europe, you can find them through the travel book guide. Below are the top destinations in Eastern Europe that you can visit without any difficulty. 


Poland is probably one of the better-known Eastern European countries. Presently: It’s easy to get around, and each side of the country has fascinating cultural aspects. 

If you appreciate stunning palaces and engaging cities, Poland is a must-visit, especially for your first foray into Eastern Europe.

Poland’s capital city, Warsaw, is modern but also retains hints of its pre-war style. 

Despite being smaller than Warsaw, Krakow is a highly visited city by tourists.

If you enjoy traveling, consider visiting Poland between June and August, as it is the ideal season to visit. 


Hungary’s capital city is Budapest, and there is much more to discover in this beautiful Eastern European country. 

You could kick off your Hungarian adventure in Budapest to admire the city’s fascinating architecture.

Budapest’s parliament building is truly a significant and awe-inspiring sight. One of the top Eastern Europe travel tips is to relax in one of Hungary’s many thermal baths. 

If you prefer quieter areas, Pecs is a hidden gem of a Hungarian city with lovely remnants and stunning views.

Additionally, autumn is a delightful season to visit Hungary. The weather is mild, and you will avoid the large summer crowds that descend on the country in July and August.


Croatia has been dubbed a popular destination for tourists because of TV programs like Game of Thrones. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, Croatia is worth a visit. With its stunning coastline, Croatia attracts travelers with its numerous ports and beautiful seashores for those who enjoy relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Is It Safe to Travel to Eastern Europe? A Complete Travel Guide

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most renowned city for explorers, with its combination of a walled fort and seaside views. If you appreciate Roman architecture, Split is a fantastic Croatian city to visit. 

Croatian cuisine and their local wine will quickly become your new favorite for any foodie travelers.

Furthermore, Croatia is crowded in the summer due to its beautiful beaches and islands. However, if you visit in September, you will experience warm summer temperatures. 


Slovenia is a small yet impactful destination to visit in Eastern Europe. Its capital city, Ljubljana, features a delightful and charming old town that is popular throughout the year.

Slovenia is especially ideal if you are a nature enthusiast. From its refreshing lakes to its mountain peaks. 

Is It Safe to Travel to Eastern Europe? A Complete Travel Guide

You will find numerous amazing outdoor activities. Lake Bled is a fantastic spot if you want to see a beautiful blue lake and imposing snow-capped mountains.

Moreover, Slovenia is best for travelers during the summer months when the weather is more predictable than throughout the rest of the year. 

Even during the summer months, it is still relatively uncrowded, even compared to some other destinations in Eastern Europe.


Bulgaria is not a particularly popular country among tourists. It is rich in moderate value and outstanding tourist attractions. 

Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, is a great place to start your Bulgarian adventure.

Is It Safe to Travel to Eastern Europe? A Complete Travel Guide

If you wish to venture out and see more of the country, allocate a few days to explore its Black Sea coast. 

According to extensive research on Bulgaria, it is observed that summer is an excellent time to visit Bulgaria. 

Even if you love skiing, Bulgaria’s winter ski resorts are spectacular and well worth the trip, especially in December and March.’


Macedonia is a beautiful Eastern European country, but it is also one of the least-visited countries in Eastern Europe. There are only two airports in the entire region.

So it can be challenging to get there, but once you do, the best way to explore the country is by road transportation.

Is It Safe to Travel to Eastern Europe? A Complete Travel Guide

Picture by sandracvetkovska

Mountains dominate the country’s landscape. It offers plenty of stunning vistas, especially for those who love to test their photography skills while traveling to Eastern Europe.

Many travelers find that Macedonia has a charming atmosphere, so it’s wonderful to visit during the less crowded summer months.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable, it is essential to consider a few pros and cons or tips before you embark on your journey to Eastern Europe. 

Do something you can tell your grandchildren about. Eastern Europe may not scream adventure at first, but when you think about the slightly obscure and overlooked beaches and mountains.

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