Is Takeoff’s Birthday On The Same Day As Quavo And Offset’s?

On the occasion of Takeoff’s 29th birthday today (June 18), social media is filled with condolences and celebrations.

Offset, the late rapper’s bandmate, composed the latest heartfelt message reflecting on the late rapper’s unparalleled talent and his impact on others.

Is Takeoff’s Birthday On The Same Day As Quavo And Offset’s?

Quavo and Offset have set aside their differences to celebrate Takeoff’s 29th birthday, which would have been his birthday had he lived.

The two remaining Migos were spotted in Atlanta on Sunday, each donning a jersey in honor of Takeoff.

In February, Cardi B intervened to halt a skirmish between the two rap artists, but it seems that their wounds have since healed.

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Both men also shared individual Instagram tributes to Takeoff.

Takeoff was fatally shot in November of last year, and his mother is now suing the venue where her son died in an effort to seek compensation for her loss.

Members of Migos are commemorating Takeoff on his birthday, one year after his passing. On June 18, Quavo, Takeoff’s uncle, posted an Instagram video from their shopping trip.

Various birthday wishes and images of Takeoff were also shared on his Instagram Story. Offset, the group’s third member, paid homage to his late friend on his Instagram grid with a slideshow of photos.

The video depicts Quavo and his nephew debating whether he should purchase a denim jacket. ‘Happy birthday, @yrntakeoff. Can’t wait for days like this again. You GEEKD better think we’ll be reaching new heights all week.’ 

In his Instagram Stories, he posted several old images with phrases like “Happy Birthday Take, Love You Phew Til Infinity” and “It’s Yo F*cking Birthdayyyyyyy.”

Rapper Offset, widely believed to be a distant relation of Takeoff and Quavo, paid homage to his departed friend by posting numerous pictures of them together. “Happy birthday, rocket man,” he greeted—the best at wielding a microphone. Admirable character! The most prominent paragon of virtue. I know you had a golden heart, so rest in peace, bra; the gang and I will continue celebrating your life as long as you’re still with us.

Takeoff was fatally shot in a Houston bowling alley on November 1, 2022. He passed away at the age of 28. On June 18, he would have turned 29 years old.

Offset confessed in a May interview with Variety that he still finds it challenging to discuss his friend’s death. Stating, “It’s difficult for me to talk about sh*t right now,” he continued. I’ve never opened up about this before. Seriously. It’s hard to bring up Take in conversation. It’s tough to put it all into words.

For this reason alone, I don’t. Holy crap, it hurts. It will put me in a bad mood, and that’s the last thing I need. There are secrets I’ll never let anyone in on. We need help finding him. Oh, man, that BS smells phony to me. I go about my day, suspecting that it is fake. I keep quiet about it and tell no one.

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