Isa Battaglin, Founder of LillyK Photography

Isa Battaglin is a widely acclaimed headshot photographer known for capturing the depth and soulfulness of her subject’s eyes, reflecting their unique aura. She is an experienced international portrait and fashion photographer running LillyK Photography, which is based in Los Angeles, California. When not crafting captivating images, Isabelle enjoys cherishing moments with her husband and three kids at home. 

Can you narrate the journey that led you to this specific career path?

My venture into headshot photography was somewhat accidental. Initially, I was involved in newborn and family photography when my daughter got signed with a kids’ agency. I ended up taking her headshots, which the agency loved, and before I knew it, I was fully immersed in headshot photography.

Can you recount the most compelling incident that occurred since you established your company?

It’s difficult to single out one, as there have been numerous intriguing experiences. However, one of the most captivating and rewarding aspects has been the opportunity to travel the world while doing what I cherish the most. I feel extremely fortunate to have a profession that enables me to explore the world while still retaining control over my schedule. It’s remarkable how social media has made the world feel so interconnected!

Can you share an anecdote about the most amusing blunder you committed in your initial days and what you learned from it?

Initially, I was unfamiliar with industry jargon. I frequently found myself at a loss when people used industry-specific terms or asked me about them. I had no clue what they were talking about! Secretly, I would look up the words and respond as if I had been acquainted with them for ages – we all learn as we go. In some cases, there’s no better teacher than experience :

What, in your opinion, makes your company unique? Can you share an anecdote?

I believe the consistency of my work sets me apart. Clients can expect a consistent level of service and quality when they book with me. It took years, but we managed to establish a system where all clients are provided with contracts, know precisely how many images they will receive, and the final edits’ appearance. It’s all about organization, consistency, and communication. Delivering a creative and high-quality product always pays off.

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What advice would you give to fellow professionals in your industry to thrive and avoid “burning out”?

Gain a grasp of the business aspect of photography. It’s not solely about the camera – there’s much more to it. Cease the practice of providing free services as a marketing ploy. While many photographers resort to this, the more you offer free work, the more people will seek free images. You are worthy of compensation, so refrain from working for free. Your work and talent have value. Finally, establish your unique style, don’t shy away from being distinct, and refrain from comparing yourself to others. Stay true to your vision.

None of us can achieve success single-handedly. Is there a particular individual you are grateful to for aiding your journey? Can you share an anecdote?

Honestly, my family – they have been my unwavering support and we have grown tremendously together. I couldn’t have reached where I am without them.

Is there a favorite “Life Lesson Quote” you adhere to? Can you narrate a personal incident where it resonated with your life?

“Not everyone deserves to know the real you. Let them criticize who they think you are.”

The more successful you become, the more people talk. Some may attempt to tarnish your reputation. It initially affected me deeply. I realized that I cannot control others’ opinions or remarks. All I can do is excel in my work and dedicate myself to what I do best. My achievements will speak for themselves. I keep my personal life private because it is distinct from my professional work, and I prefer to maintain that demarcation.

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me before I started my company” and why? Please share a personal anecdote for each.

Don’t be hesitant to reveal your artistic identity

Don’t fret over others’ assessments of your work

Avoid providing free services; value your time

Avoid mingling business with friendship – it’s not feasible

Mind your words – Exceptional customer service is crucial, but always think before responding to an email or resolving an issue. Do not promise what you cannot deliver.

You are an influential figure. If you could spearhead a movement that would offer the most good to the greatest number of people, what would it be? Your idea could set something remarkable in motion.

Gender Equality – Everyone should have the freedom to be themselves, devoid of judgment or labels. Be authentic and compassionate towards others. Live life on your terms and let others do the same!


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