Ivianna Jordan Missing: Arkansas Police Issue Amber Alert 

As news spreads about the disappearance of Ivianna Jordan, the community remains watchful and unified in their efforts to locate the missing 4-year-old girl.

Arkansas authorities took immediate action upon receiving the report of Ivianna Jordan’s vanishing. Subsequently, they issued an Amber Alert in order to aid in the search for the missing girl.

According to the most recent information, Jordan was last spotted in the company of her great-uncle, Brodrick Hardman, on Thursday, July 13th, at around 2 pm.

The situation turned more distressing when Jordan’s grandmother returned home later that day, at approximately 6:30 pm, only to discover that both Hardman and her beloved great-niece were missing.

Hardman, who is currently wanted by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office on charges of first-degree murder, has been in communication with the child’s grandmother but has not disclosed his whereabouts.

Law enforcement is actively tracing Hardman’s phone, which remains stationary at its last known location on Cherry Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Authorities have released images of both the missing girl and Hardman, urging anyone with pertinent information to immediately contact law enforcement.

Who is Ivianna Jordan?

Ivianna is a 4-year-old resident of the United States who has tragically gone missing, and her whereabouts are currently unknown.

She has a medium complexion, black hair, and brown eyes.

At the time of her disappearance, she was attired in a white long-sleeved shirt and black and white leggings.

It is crucial to note that Ivianna is a high-functioning autistic individual.

Update on the Case of Ivianna Jordan’s Disappearance

The case of Ivianna Jordan’s disappearance has garnered widespread attention, with individuals from all walks of life joining forces to assist in the quest for the missing child.

Despite ongoing efforts, there have been no significant developments in the search for Ivianna Jordan.

Arkansas State Police have issued a Golden Caution in the pursuit of a young child reportedly abducted by her great-uncle in Pulaski County.

Hardman is described as approximately 150 pounds, 6 feet 3 inches tall, and possessing a dark complexion.

Due to the perceived threat he poses, it is advised to exercise caution when approaching him.

Individuals are urged to promptly report any information about his whereabouts. The disappearance of Ivianna Jordan has deeply worried her family and friends.

Law enforcement agencies are tirelessly working to locate the young child who has been missing since Thursday afternoon.

Ivianna Jordan’s disappearance has caused immense distress for her family and friends, as search operations continue persistently.

Authorities are using every available resource in their efforts to locate her and safely reunite her with her family.

The paramount concern remains the safety and well-being of Ivianna Jordan, and with the support of the community, there is optimism for her safe return.

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  1. Guest

    This must be a concerning situation for the family and friends of Ivianna Jordan. It’s alarming to hear that the police have issued an Amber Alert, indicating that she is in immediate danger. I hope that the authorities are doing everything they can to locate her and ensure her safety. It’s important for the community to stay vigilant and provide any information that could help in finding her.