Jacky Oh Parents – The Life & Family Of The Late Influencer

The burial ceremony for Ms. Jacky Oh took place in Atlanta over the weekend, and it was a solemn occasion. 

DC Young Fly delivered a sincere speech during the funeral ceremony that deeply moved many people. 

Yet, there was a sense of curiosity among the attendees about whether Jacky Oh parents were present at the funeral service.

The famous Wild ‘N Out star passed away suddenly on May 31.

She was found unresponsive in her hotel room, and the cause of her death has yet to be disclosed. 

Jacky Oh, whose birth name was Jacklyn Smith, had just turned 32 years old when she tragically passed away.

Considering Jacky’s status as a prominent social media influencer and media personality, her family opted to live stream the funeral so that her supporters from around the world could take part in the service. 

The online community has expressed condolences and sympathized with Jacky and her family as they deal with this devastating loss.

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All about the Parents of Jacky Oh

It is known that Jacky Oh parents separated when she was just an infant.

Although Jacky has generally kept the details of her upbringing out of the public eye, she has occasionally touched upon her relationship with her parents.

Born on November 3, 1989, in the Bay Area, Jacky Oh is the daughter of Keith Smith.

The identity of her mother remains unknown. 

Jacky Oh parents parted ways shortly after her birth.

During an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Jacky briefly mentioned her absent mother, stating, “I don’t know what happened to her, she’s just out there.” 

She also shared that on Mother’s Day, she would make cards for her father, who took on both parental roles with dedication.

Jacky explained that her mother gradually stopped visiting and eventually ceased all contact with them.

Her father was her “best friend.” 

She talked openly about her father’s side of the family in the interview, despite her mother’s name being still unknown. 

She emphasized that despite being a single parent, her father did a good job of playing both the mother and father roles. 

Jacky added that her mother’s side of the family is primarily Caucasian, although she was raised by her father’s side of the family, who are of African American ancestry.

Addressing the speculation about her ethnicity, she disclosed to Smallz Eyes that some online users mistakenly assume she is white.

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In the wake of Jacky Oh’s untimely passing, DC Young Fly, her partner and father of their three children, took to Instagram to pay tribute to her. 

Jacky Oh Parents – The Life & Family Of The Late Influencer

He referred to her as “the GREATEST MOTHER I KNOW” in his touching post and praised their family’s bond.

During this trying time, our thoughts and condolences are with Jacky Oh’s family and friends.

As they grieve the loss of their cherished daughter, sister, and mother, may they find comfort and strength.

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