Jason David Frank Death Cause: The Green Ranger Died At 49

Some sources report that Jason David Frank’s Demise Cause was suicide. No official statement about his death reason has been released by any of his family members. 

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, Jason David Frank, known for his role as the Green Power Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, breathed his last at the age of 49 in Texas. 

His manager, Justine Hunt, announced Frank’s demise on Sunday and urged for his family and friends to be given some quiet time, without immediately providing the cause of death. 

‘He had a deep affection for his friends, family, and followers,’ stated manager Justine Hunt in an email to BuzzFeed News. ‘He is certainly going to be missed.’ 

‘As we deal with the passing of such a lovely human being, please respect the privacy of his family and friends during this terrible time,’ his publicist told TMZ. He had a deep love for his fans, friends, and family. ‘He will be missed.’

Although the reason for his death has not been made public, some reports claimed that Jason David Frank’s passing cause was suicide.

Actor Jason David Frank portrayed the Green and White Rangers on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. 

When it first aired in 1993, the series was a massive force in ’90s youth culture. 

Tommy Oliver, who Frank initially portrayed, was the evil Green Ranger. He joins the Power Rangers in their fight for the survival of Earth and the universe after escaping a bad spell. 

A popular favorite, he transformed into the White Ranger throughout the original series, during which he appeared in 123 episodes. Additionally, he went on to depict several other roles in numerous movies, shows, and video games. 

When Frank passed away, TMZ reported that his second wife, Tammie Frank, had requested a divorce in August. 

Four children, one from his marriage to Tammie Frank and three from his initial union with Shawna Frank, survive Frank. 


The news of Jason David Frank’s passing left his co-stars, fans, and family in deep sorrow. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans flooded social media with condolences after learning of Frank’s passing. 

Walter E. Jones, a fellow Power Ranger who portrayed the Black Ranger, posted a tribute message on Instagram on Sunday.

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He referred to the passing of Yellow Ranger Thuy Trang, who passed away in 2001, and added, ‘My heart is in grief to have lost another member of our precious family.’

‘I send the family my love and prayers.’ A follower remarked, ‘TOMMY FOREVER,’ and another added, ‘Can’t believe it. My fave ranger forever. Brother, take a nap.’ 

‘No way… This one really hurts… My absolute favorite superheroes are the Power Rangers, as anyone who knows me well can attest. The greatest ranger of all time, Tommy Oliver, will always hold that title,’ tweeted Edmond Dantés.

‘There aren’t many people I can think of that loved and valued their followers as much as he did. Every time I saw him, he was gracious and kind. Terrible news,‘ said @liladam87 on Twitter. 

The Iron Sheik, a professional wrestler, also expressed his condolences by writing on Twitter, ‘RIP JDF. You the real legend Bubba. I love you Forever, #RIP Legend.’

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