Jayden Robker Missing: Body Found in Pond, Community Holds Vigil

The remains of 13-year-old Jayden Robker, who had been unaccounted for since February 2nd, have been located in a pond near Kansas City. 

Authorities in Gladstone and Kansas City, Missouri, verified on Sunday that the body found on Friday belonged to the adolescent. 

The community was deeply shocked and saddened by the distressing news of Jayden’s demise.

About 100 individuals gathered at the small pond where his body was discovered to hold a candlelight vigil in honor of Jayden’s life. 

The vigil was organized by the family and was attended by classmates and members of the community who were unacquainted with the teenager. 

 The assembly commenced with an acoustic guitar performance of “Hallelujah,” followed by a prayer. Family members ignited biodegradable, lotus-shaped purple candles and set them adrift on the shallow pond. 

Acknowledging the difficult time, Jayden’s aunt, Susan Deedon, expressed her gratitude for everyone’s support.

In the weeks leading up to finding Jayden’s body, his aunt and uncle had been scouring the nearby areas and had encountered three other ponds. 

They expressed their appreciation for not realizing that Jayden was in the pond where he was eventually discovered.

 The Kansas City police had been searching for Jayden since early February, following his mother’s report of his absence. 

His disappearance had prompted community search parties, including one led by the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime.

Jayden’s untimely demise has left the community devastated, and many are mourning his passing. 

His family and friends are grieving the loss of a young life, and the community is rallying to support them during this challenging time.

Update on Jayden Robker’s Autopsy 

Preliminary findings from the autopsy of the boy did not uncover any obvious signs of foul play. Gladstone police are presently investigating his death. 

During a gathering on Wednesday, Jayden’s aunt, Susan Deedon, disclosed that she had discovered a shoe near the pond’s shoreline where her nephew’s body was found. 

She and her family promptly notified the police and expressed their confidence in the investigators to unravel the mysteries surrounding Jayden’s disappearance.

Deedon emotionally conveyed to the gathering that many people had told her that the shoe was a message from Jayden, acknowledging her endeavors to locate him and honor his memory. 

Despite the tragedy of his death, his family and friends will continue to cherish his memory and the impact he had on their lives.

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