Joyce Sims Obituary – The Singer Died At The Age Of 63

The obituary for Joyce Sims details the entire sequence of events surrounding her passing. Her supporters are eager to understand the circumstances of her demise. 

Fans and loved ones are still grieving. As one of the leading performers, the industry is deeply affected by her passing.

R & B vocalist Joyce Sims achieved global acclaim in 1987 with her track Step into My Existence.

In January, Joyce reflected on how her life had transformed since she released her album, Step into my life

She commented, ‘It was an amazing year for me financially and in every other aspect.’

Regrettably, Joyce Sims passed away on October 15, 2022, at the age of 63

Her family announced her passing on Facebook. Despite the substantial loss to the R&B, dance, and electro genres, Joyce’s supporters are dedicated to upholding her legacy.

Reason Behind Her Passing

The vocalist, renowned for her 1987 hit Come Into My Life, passed away at 63, as per event organizer CJ Carlos. 

On the night of October 15, he posted on Facebook, ‘After speaking with her immediate family tonight, it is with a heavy heart that I must share the passing of Joyce Sims. She was an American artist who traveled to Portugal in May. My heart aches for her husband, Errol, her children, and her close relatives.

She has left behind her husband, two children, and a caring family.

It has been three days since her demise, but there is no information regarding the cause of death. 

According to some sources, the body is awaiting autopsy, after which the cause of her passing will be disclosed.

Several other sources attempted to contact her family for details on the circumstances of her death, but to no avail.

The family is grappling with grief over the loss of the exceptional Vocalist, Joyce Sims. 

Details of her commemoration service have not yet been released. 

Shocking Loss for the Music Industry

The entire music industry mourned the loss of this versatile talent, whose impact on music transcended the widespread recognition she received over the past 35 years

Celebrities paid tribute to the vocalist, whose work was sampled by artists including Angie Stone and Snoop Dogg, as well as Happy Mondays vocalist Rowetta

Rowetta tweeted, ‘RIP Joyce Sims,’ accompanied by live performance footage of Joyce.

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