Julian Narchet: Communications Specialist at University of Miami

Julian Narchet is a marketing and mass communications expert, and a Public Relations Specialist at the University of Miami. He possesses extensive expertise in client assistance, market analysis, academic investigation, social networking, media connections, and function supervision. He is enthusiastic about creating an impact in the lives of others through collaboration with non-profit organizations and healthcare institutions.

Introduce yourself?  

My name is Julian Narchet; I was born and grew up in Miami, Florida. During my childhood in Miami, I relished the chances to relish exceptional cuisine, engage in soccer with individuals from diverse global origins, and commit time to boating and angling. Outside of Florida, I spent several years pursuing education in Baton Rouge, LA before completing my undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Central Florida. I am an enthusiastic sports enthusiast, particularly of soccer, football, and basketball. Aside from sports, my hobbies include gaming, cooking, baking, and spending time with friends. In my professional capacity, I specialize in communications and investigation, particularly in the higher education and healthcare sectors.

What sets you apart from other professionals in your field?

My most exceptional attribute as a marketing professional is my adaptability. I have gained proficiency in a variety of industries and positions through my former occupations, education, and internships. My professional journey includes roles in development for non-profit organizations, public relations for globally recognized brands, function coordination, healthcare marketing, and academic investigation. This has enabled me to acquire a wide range of competencies including digital design, copywriting, market analysis, media relations, social media administration, and more.

What was the most critical part of your professional journey?

Following the completion of graduate school, I undertook internships and roles in several diverse fields before establishing myself in the healthcare and higher education sectors. During that time, I encountered numerous transformations and difficulties in my personal and professional life. Despite the challenges, I believe that period was transformative for me as it strengthened my mental resilience and proved to me that I could overcome more than I anticipated. I discovered my preferences and dislikes in various industries; I acquired experience in both small and medium agencies as well as large corporations. This phase facilitated my personal and professional growth while helping me identify my future objectives and learning trajectory.

What are the most and least worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?

I would say some of my most worthwhile purchases were those that facilitated my daily life. Two examples include my classic black suit, which is suitable for almost any formal occasion, and a backup hard drive to ensure the safety of important files.

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One of the least successful purchases I ever made was a low-cost mattress. The back pain it caused incurred greater expenses than the cost of the mattress itself.

What consumes too much of your time?

Overthinking. Prior to making any significant decisions, I conduct thorough research. However, I sometimes find myself unable to take action because I become excessively engrossed in gathering information. I have actively worked on enhancing my self-awareness in these situations to break free from overthinking and make prompt decisions.

What three pieces of guidance would you offer to college students/new startup business owners aspiring to become entrepreneurs or leaders in their field?

  1. Acquire as much professional experience as possible before graduating. Learn and cultivate the skills necessary to seamlessly transition into the workforce.
  2. Never cease learning. There are perpetually new skills and experiences to gain, which will keep you grounded.
  3. Utilize your support system. Despite your preparedness, life can be arduous and unpredictable. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance.

Who has amazed you the most with their achievements?

Coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers is profoundly impressive. Coach O held several interim coaching roles at several college football programs before finding his niche at LSU. Initially at LSU, he was initially hired on a temporary basis and had to demonstrate his worth to secure a longer-term contract. Coach O transitioned from an obscure coach with a distinctive accent to a national champion with an extended contract, becoming one of the most influential figures in the state of Louisiana.

What motivates you to persevere when facing daunting challenges?

I believe a large part of my perseverance comes from within and acknowledging the support of my family and friends. I navigate through challenges by reminding myself that I have conquered more formidable obstacles in the past. Whenever self-doubt creeps in, I endeavor to recollect all the encouragement bestowed upon me by my family and friends.

How can people connect with you?

The optimal methods to connect with me would be through my personal website, my LinkedIn profile, or my email.

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