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An exclusive conversation with Kambre Glover, Proprietor of KaMedia™ – Social Media Company. She is a social media supervisor, content producer, and social media mentor. Kambre Glover aids businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs in enhancing their online presence and establishing a community around their brand. She achieves this through content creation and curation, content writing and scheduling, and regular engagement for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Introduce yourself:

At the age of 24, having spent about 6 years in Charlotte, North Carolina, I hail from Oklahoma. I derive immense pleasure from using social media to form authentic connections and friendships with people across the globe.

What motivated your business idea?

I initiated my enterprise because I recognized the demand and have always harbored a fervor for entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurs in reaching their objectives. After studying culinary arts, I launched a catering business, but struggled to make headway due to limited outreach, mainly because of my unfamiliarity with people in North Carolina. It dawned on me that the only path to success in today’s startup environment is through adept use of social media. Recognizing this, I delved into researching social media for business and discovered the practice of managing social media accounts for businesses, which piqued my interest. I had been exploring alternative career avenues, seeking to transition out of the culinary industry, so I decided to give it a shot, and I’ve been enamored with it ever since. I derive immense satisfaction from efficaciously assisting entrepreneurs and business owners by conveying their story to the world and fostering a community around their brand.

What is the potential market share you aim to capture in the next 3 years?

Digital marketing is vast and I foresee continued rapid growth in this industry year on year. My principal focus lies in aiding entrepreneurs and business owners in achieving their goals, rather than fixating on competition and market share.

Share the best book or series you’ve read:

The Rules of Life by Richard Templar is a phenomenal read. I take pleasure in books that contribute to personal development and this book has certainly enlightened me about the impact of my actions and words on others. The Rules of Life has been an eye-opener, rendering me more aware of my conduct.

What are the most and least satisfactory purchases you’ve made?

The most worthwhile investment I’ve made was in the Social Media United course and group with Rachel Pedersen. This group is exceptional and tremendously beneficial for remaining abreast of industry trends and connecting with like-minded individuals.

The least satisfying purchase I’ve made was in Facebook ads, prior to gaining adequate knowledge. During my stint in the culinary business, I impulsively ran Facebook ads, laboring under the misconception that it was a quick and simple means to attract more clients. Now, armed with a deeper understanding of Facebook ads, I lament the expenditure, having failed to yield any returns.

What occupies an excessive amount of your time?

My regular 9-5 job consumes the majority of my time. It imparts valuable learning experiences, but it undeniably saps time that could be devoted to generating income for my business.

What advice would you offer college students/new startup business owners aspiring to become entrepreneurs?

#1. Exercise patience! It’s not a race to the finish line. As a college student, there is no compulsion to attain your degree within a specified timeframe. It’s imperative to honestly assess your capacity for workload and mental well-being. Neither college nor entrepreneurship is facile, thus it’s vital to introspect and ascertain your well-being.

#2 Stay Focused. You may harbor myriad ambitions and aspirations, but there’s no necessity to realize them all IMMEDIATELY. You have your entire life ahead of you, and achieving success in one endeavor at a time is preferable to mediocrity across the board. This again stresses the importance of introspection and acknowledging what you can and cannot handle.

#3 Have Fun! Several influencers and successful individuals espouse the “work now, enjoy later” mantra. However, I believe in maintaining a healthy balance. It’s acceptable to concentrate while also deriving enjoyment at times. Mental well-being is of utmost importance, and hence, I always advocate maintaining focus alongside a positive mental state to effectively pursue any endeavor.

Who has impressed you the most with their accomplishments?

Rheagan Gilmore, also known as Ajna Surah, has left an indelible impression on me with her achievements. She boasts an incredibly compelling tale and has transformed her life, forming a wonderful community of individuals aspiring for wholeness and self-improvement. The Healing Place Family is a truly remarkable community, and I am continuously astounded by its growth and impact on people’s lives.

Share something you are proud of – your most significant challenge:

I take pride in the person I’ve evolved into. My most formidable challenge has been finding and articulating my voice. I am delighted that after years of pushing my internal boundaries, I now speak confidently and express my genuine thoughts, rather than catering to assumed expectations. Formerly reticent, I am overjoyed to have broken free from my cocoon, a momentous achievement personally, and pivotal for the success of my business.

How can people reach out to you?

Website: www.QueenKaMedia.com
Facebook: @QueenKamedia
Instagram: @QueenKaMedia
Twitter: @QueenKaMedia


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