Kanye West Tweet Exposed The Relationship Between His Ex-Wife & Chris Paul

Kanye West is uncovering Kim Kardashian and NBA player Chris Paul as he departs from Twitter.

The music producer and bigot posted a strange picture of the NBA player following a wild day of openly praising Hitler and Nazis on InfoWars with Alex Jones.

As the commotion surrounding Kanye West’s persona continues to escalate, the troubled music producer and rapper signed off from social media for the evening with a serious accusation.

You can never anticipate what you will get with Kanye West, particularly on social media. 

Kanye made a surprising disclosure on Thursday night, alleging that Chris Paul, the point guard for the Phoenix Suns, had an affair with Kim Kardashian, his ex-wife.

Ye expressed his support for Hitler and the Nazis in a rant on Alex Jones’ podcast, followed by a tweet, ‘Let’s break one more window before we leave. With Kim, I had the stomach flu. good night.’

Kanye shared an image of a page with a portrait of NBA star Chris Paul in another unusual social media post. 

Kanye concludes an eventful day with the controversial tweet by appearing on InfoWars with Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes, stating he likes Nazis and publicly praising Adolf Hitler.

Paul and Kardashian are silent in response to West’s accusation. 

Elon Musk, meanwhile, has subsequently deactivated Kanye’s Twitter account after he shared an image that appeared to contain a swastika inside the Star of David.

Kanye appeared unexpectedly with that tweet, and nobody expected it.

Furthermore, as per Ben Goggin of NBC News, Kanye’s lengthy interview with Alex Jones, in which he praised Adolf Hitler and made jokes with antisemitic undertones, caused him to trend highly on Twitter that day.

Kanye launched another outburst against adult content a few hours prior, saying it ruined my family.

Before praying for the innocent artists who had nothing to do with the controversial ad campaign, he also brought up Balenciaga in the wake of their crisis, declaring that God loves the designer fashion brand.

‘God is a fan of Balenciaga. Love is the solution, and Jesus is the solution,’ he wrote. ‘I oppose all witch hunts, stand by Balenciaga, and support culture. Jesus is supreme. For Christ’s sake, a fashion campaign doesn’t begin or end the fight against trafficking.’

Then, Kanye demanded that offensive images of minors be taken down from the web. ‘Remove all p*rnographic content from Twitter and any other platforms.’

‘Pedophilia produces pornography,’ he claimed. ‘When grown men view porn, they pay to watch someone’s daughter experience anguish.’

The use of adult content, according to Kanye West, ‘ruined my family, but Jesus will cure everything.’

Kanye revealed the screenshots to Elon Musk.

Kanye uploaded screenshots of their private text chats, in which Musk responded to the image by writing, ‘I apologize, but you’ve gone too far. It is not love, this.’

‘Who appointed you as a judge?’  West answered Musk.

The post’s caption read, ‘Okay, everybody. We enjoyed our run. Jesus is supreme.’

Shortly later, Kanye’s Twitter account was suspended. 

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