Kari Lake Black National Anthem Viral Video – Racism At Its Peak

Kari Lake’s viral video featuring the black national anthem has sparked widespread outrage. The former Arizona gubernatorial candidate found herself in a controversial situation after opting not to stand up during the performance of the Black National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

A picture of the politician seated in the stands while Abbott Elementary star Sheryl Lee Ralph sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing” became widely circulated on social media, triggering a significant controversy.

Kari Lake faced substantial criticism for her reaction to the national anthem. While a minority of individuals supported Lake, arguing that the song only contributed to the growing division in America.

Lake faced intense backlash, with some individuals even questioning her upbringing and describing her as a “hateful and isolated elderly woman.”

Former Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder expressed his backing for Kari Lake, stating to a reporter, “I concur with Kari Lake. We have one national anthem, and it is THE national anthem. I oppose the idea of playing multiple anthems, as well as the terms ‘African – American’ and Black History Month.”

Former NFL player and Republican Utah Congressman Burgess Owens also voiced similar sentiments and announced his support for Kari Lake.

Supporters of Kari Lake justified their position by asserting that the American National Anthem represents all citizens, and there is no need to segregate the country with separate white and black national anthems.

Citizens of a nation that has grappled with racism for decades should not endorse actions that further divide their country.

How did Kari Lake defend her decision?

Kari Lake justified her choice to remain seated during the Black National Anthem at the Super Bowl by stating, “I am against a ‘Black national anthem’ for the same reason I oppose a ‘white national anthem,’ a ‘gay national anthem,’ a ‘straight national anthem,’ a ‘Jewish national anthem,’ a ‘Christian national anthem,’ and so on.”

The Kari Lake War Room Twitter account asserted that Kari Lake advocates for one nation under God.

She views herself as transcending such trivial differences and believes that every American should strive to eliminate measures that foster division among people.

While Kari Lake’s intentions may be noble, her gesture was met with widespread outrage and anger.

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  1. Guest

    As a reader, I find this statement to be quite extreme and inflammatory. It seems to make a sweeping generalization about the Kari Lake Black National Anthem viral video, labeling it as “racism at its peak.” Without any specific details or analysis provided, it is difficult to fully understand the context and reasoning behind this claim. It would be more helpful to have a more nuanced and balanced perspective on the video, considering different viewpoints and discussing the potential impact it may have had on various individuals or communities.