Kaylee Shimizu Parents: A Pillar Of Her Journey To Stardom

Kaylee Shimizu’s parents have been a constant source of support and motivation throughout her path.

The widely-watched TV program “The Voice” on NBC showcased American singer-songwriter Kaylee Shimizu in Season 24, which significantly boosted her popularity. 

The season, hosted by Carson Daly, premiered on September 25, 2023, and was mentored by Niall Horan, Reba McEntire, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani.

Shimizu hails from Oahu, Hawaii, and her participation in the show has garnered attention from the music industry.

With her exceptional vocal skills, Kaylee Shimizu, a promising American vocalist, has garnered a considerable fan base.

She is undeniably one of the top contenders for victory; she is an exceptional talent with remarkable vocal abilities.

Who Is Kaylee Shimizu?

Kaylee Shimizu, a gifted singer, comes from the picturesque island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Her love for singing was ignited at the young age of four, inspired by the musical talent that runs deep in her mother’s family.

In December 2022, Kaylee amazed audiences with her rendition of “Emotions.”

Her enchanting whistle notes captured the internet, reminiscent of the iconic Mariah Carey.

Kaylee Shimizu Parents: An Integral Part of Her Journey To Fame

She commenced vocal training at the tender age of six, marking the start of her musical journey.

At eleven, she had the unique opportunity to meet an American Idol contestant when she joined the KITV meteorologist back home.

Speaking of American Idol, Kaylee progressed to the Hollywood phase of the competition after auditioning the previous year, a significant step forward in her budding career. 

Among her numerous accolades is the title of Miss Teen Ewa Beach American Scholar in 2022 and winning a statewide singing competition at the age of ten.

Now that she has graduated from Hawaii Technology Academy, Kaylee is focusing on advancing her music career in Los Angeles.

Kaylee Shimizu’s Parents

Originally from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, Kaylee Shimizu comes from a Filipino background, likely through her parents or grandparents.

Her parents, Anthony Shimizu and Miriam Omnes Shimizu, found love during their middle school years and eventually moved to Hawaii.

Kaylee has three sisters, including Natalee.

Kaylee’s family is her primary source of inspiration, with music flowing through their veins.

Her great-grandfather’s musical career was the inspiration for her standout audition on The Voice, captivating a global audience and the coaches.

On her journey to becoming the individual she is today, Kaylee attributes much of her growth to her parents.

Anthony and Miriam Omnes Shimizu have been a caring and unwavering presence throughout her life.

Together, Anthony and Miriam have four daughters, with Kaylee leading the way in showcasing her singing talent, while her siblings also share the same passion.

Their strong bond is evident in their frequent appearances on Kaylee’s Instagram.

As Kaylee enters the professional music industry, she relies on the support of her parents and sisters, who remain her steadfast pillars of strength.

Kaylee Shimizu Impresses With Aretha Franklin

During the Knockouts on NBC’s The Voice on Monday night, November 6, Shimizu delivered a powerful rendition of Franklin’s 1968 Lady Soul song “Ain’t No Way,” which propelled her forward.

The singer from Team Legend flawlessly executed all her vocal runs, reaching impressive highs and lows.

Her talent and boldness had opposing coach Niall Horan amused for a significant portion of the performance.

This 24th season has Shimizu in high spirits.

The teenager from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, received a four-chair turn during auditions with a rendition of the Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers,” a minute-long showcase of outstanding high notes, control, and all the captivating qualities.

“We’re simply amazed. Legend told the 17-year-old, “Your voice was simply dazzling, it was so creative and musical,” before recruiting her.

He mentioned, “You realize you could win The Voice, correct.”

Shimizu competed against Team Legend members Caleb Sasser and Mara Justine, both of whom had flawless four-chair auditions.

She shone brightly under the Knockout spotlight.

“There’s a lot of richness and warmth and body to your voice,” Legend expressed. “The fact that you can hit high notes is extraordinary, and it leaves your body simultaneously is simply amazing.” NBC airs The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Peacock streams it the next day.

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