Kevin McCarthy Net Worth: A Politician & Experienced Trader

Kevin McCarthy wealth exceeds $300,000. He is recognized for his staunch support of President Donald Trump and is also among the most affluent lawmakers.

Born in Bakersfield, California in 1965, McCarthy obtained his degree from California State University, Bakersfield. 

He is affiliated with the Republican Party and previously held the position of a representative for the 32nd district in the California State Assembly from 2002 to 2006. He was also the Minority Leader of the California State Assembly from 2004 to 2006 and the House Republican Chief Deputy from 2009 to 2011.

Kevin McCarthy has been a member of the U.S House of Representatives since January 2007, initially representing California’s 22nd district until 2013 and then representing the 23rd district. 

From August 2014 to January 2019, he served as the House Majority Leader. Alongside his political career, McCarthy has also been engaged in the California Young Republicans and the Young Republican National Federation, assuming the role of chairman for both organizations.

Kevin McCarthy’s possessions 

Kevin McCarthy is leading a life of opulence and his increasing earnings have allowed him to do so. 

His passion for cars has prompted him to invest in a diverse range of expensive vehicles, with reports suggesting he recently splurged $120,000 USD on a Jaguar XF alone. Additionally, he possesses a Lexus ES, Toyota Vellfire, BMW X6, Aston Martin DBX, and Lincoln Continental. 

His luxurious lifestyle is set amidst an 8,800-square-foot residence in California, featuring two indoor pools, ten bedrooms, and twelve bathrooms. Not only that, the exterior of the property is equally extravagant, boasting its own tennis court and wine cellar, lending it an almost palace-like ambiance.

What type of insider trading has Kevin McCarthy conducted in the past?

On February 12, 2021, Kevin McCarthy executed a substantial purchase of 30,478 units worth over $786.35K. 

Subsequently, on April 21, 2021, he received an order to sell 35,000 units, totaling more than $1.64 million. Kevin McCarthy has been employed at Bank of New York Mellon Corp. for seven years and has completed approximately 33 deals in total. 

He tends to conduct the majority of his trading in February, with the years 2022, 2020, and 2021 being particularly active. On October 21, 2022, a selling order for 20,000 units worth around $787.31K was also placed.

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