Kevin McKidd Wife Filed For Divorce – Was The Split Controversial?

The spouse of Kevin McKidd filed for dissolution of marriage after the couple separated in July. The legal process of separation between Kevin McKidd and Arielle Goldrath McKidd is progressing after the news of their split became public.

According to court records, the actor from Grey’s Anatomy, Kevin McKidd’s spouse formally filed for dissolution of marriage in Los Angeles on Monday, December 5.

She has attributed their split to their irreconcilable differences. The couple has not disclosed the details that led them to part ways after being married for five years.

A proposal for joint physical and legal custody for their two children, Aiden and Nava, has been made by Kevin McKidd’s spouse, Goldrath.

She has requested that the mediator determine the division of their assets. She has also asked the court to reinstate her legal name, Arielle Leigh Goldrath.

The couple did not specify a date of separation and wishes to divide their assets through mediation.

The couple parted ways in July

The 49-year-old McKidd married Goldrath in November 2017. Prior to announcing their separation in July, the couple had been married for five years.

‘I don’t frequently reveal details about my private life on social media, but today I do have something I want to tell you. Arielle and I decided to dissolve our marriage-based relationship a few months ago,’ he said in a lengthy Instagram post.

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‘After considerable thought and discussion, we came to this conclusion. We are aware that it is best for the two of us.

McKidd also praised Goldrath in the separation post he shared on Instagram. ‘Aiden and Nava have a wonderful mother in Arielle. She is among the wisest, smartest, and most caring persons I’ve ever met. We continue to love and respect one other in the most profound ways.

He further explained, ‘Peacefully, we have been able to reinvent our lives and our love for one another. It wasn’t simple and required a lot of effort and introspection. All of the struggles paid off when we arrived at our current situation, which includes a close, genuine friendship, adorable children, and a loving family.’

Concluding the post, McKidd urged his audience to wish them well and good fortune moving forward.

He continued, ‘It feels nice to share this aspect of my life and let you all know that even with difficulties, we can achieve positive outcomes if we show up for each other and remain open. “We’ll always be there for one another, Arielle and I. To raise your children alongside one of your best friends is a blessing I want everyone to experience.’

Even though Kevin’s post was emotional, it is evident that they are still on good terms and that their relationship ended amicably.

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  1. Guest

    Oh no, I can’t believe Kevin McKidd’s wife has filed for divorce. I wonder what happened between them. The text mentions that the split may have been controversial, but it doesn’t provide any details. I’m curious to know more about the reasons behind their divorce and if there were any rumors or scandals surrounding it. It’s always sad to see a marriage come to an end, especially when it involves someone in the public eye like Kevin McKidd. I hope both parties find happiness and can navigate this difficult situation with grace.