Kylie Bazzo Missing – AFL Star Mother Found Dead After Boat Crash

The investigation into the disappearance of Kylie Bazzo concluded with the discovery of the deceased body of the AFL star’s mother.

The unidentified woman, aged 52, was confirmed to be the mother of AFL star Rhett Bazzo. Her lifeless body was found after she went missing following a fall from a boat in Western Australia.

On Saturday, authorities were alerted to an incident near Pinjarra Road and Soldiers Cove Terrace in Mandurah at around 10 p.m.

According to reports, a boat collided with a red marker at the Mandurah estuary with four individuals on board. Two women were thrown overboard.

One of the women, Deborah Burdon, aged 54, was swiftly retrieved from the water but unfortunately passed away at the scene. The search for the other woman lasted the entire Sunday.

The woman was identified as Kylizze Bazzo, a mother whose son is a player for the West Coast Eagles. Police announced on Monday that the body of Kylie Bazzo was recovered on Sunday night near Creery Island.

Of the two men on the boat, one, aged 54, escaped unscathed, while the other, identified as Deborah’s husband, John Burdon, 47, was transported to the Royal Perth Hospital with severe injuries.

It was reported that he was operating the boat. Police were searching for other potential missing persons, Duty Inspector Vic Hussey stated in a Sunday release.

He mentioned, “We are potentially looking for at least one individual who may be missing from a vessel that was involved in an accident, and we are scouring the water right now.”

“Unfortunately, this collision has resulted in the death of one person. We are aware that the boat may have struck a navigation marker or something similar,” the captain said.

Acting Superintendent of WA Police Peter Morrissey stated that while the search would continue, the chances of finding Ms. Bazzo alive were slim.

“We have conducted both land-based and water-based searches, and at this point, we are probably in a position to try and retrieve the body,” he added.

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