Lizzo Postmates Reddit: Accusations Of Stealing Food Order

The Lizzo Postmates Reddit dispute demonstrates the perils of online allegations and cyber-bullying. 

In September 2019, Lizzo, the renowned singer, accused Tiffany Wells, a former Postmates delivery driver, of taking her food order. 

Wells, who Postmates employed at the time, had received an order to pick up food from Luke’s Lobster and deliver it to a customer named “Bonnie V.” at the Revere Hotel in Boston. 

However, Bonnie V. did not provide a room number, making it challenging for Wells to fulfill the delivery.

Despite making several calls to Bonnie V.’s phone number and checking with the hotel’s front desk, Wells was unable to locate the customer. 

After lingering outside for several minutes, she eventually departed without delivering the food. 

Wells received multiple text messages from her family and friends the following day. 

They informed her that Lizzo had shared a photo of her on Twitter and accused her of taking the food order. 

This led to a series of events that caused harassment and threats to be directed towards Wells by Lizzo’s fans. 

The messages were filled with violence and intimidation. 

Fearing for her safety and wanting to avoid being recognized, Wells resigned from her Postmates job. 

Although Lizzo apologized and removed the tweet, Wells has now filed a lawsuit against Lizzo seeking unspecified damages.

Libel is a type of defamation involving false and damaging statements about someone in writing. 

Invasion of privacy is when someone violates another’s personal privacy without their consent. 

And intentional infliction of emotional distress is when someone intentionally causes emotional distress to another person. 

Tiffany Wells’ lawsuit against Lizzo alleges all three of these claims.

The lawsuit claims that Lizzo’s tweet was false because Tiffany Wells did not take the food order. 

Instead, she was unable to complete the delivery due to the customer not providing a room number and not responding to her calls. 

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Lizzo’s tweet invaded Wells’ privacy by posting her photo on Twitter without her consent.

The lawsuit alleges intentional infliction of emotional distress by Lizzo, which subsequently exposed Wells to threats from the singer’s supporters. 

This ongoing legal case prompts an examination of the role of social media in such incidents. 

Impact of Social Media

Social media acts as a platform where individuals can express their viewpoints to a large audience.

Nevertheless, its misuse can result in harm and legal repercussions. 

In this particular situation, Lizzo’s tweet accusing Tiffany Wells of theft ignited outrage among her fans and subsequently led to Wells receiving threats.

The incident highlights the need for individuals with a large following to use their platforms responsibly and think twice before posting something that could lead to harm or negative consequences.

The incident sparked intense debate and controversy on social media platforms like Reddit. 

Many users expressed support for Wells and called for greater accountability from public figures like Lizzo. 

The unresolved case between Wells and Lizzo persists as they engage in a legal battle. 

This ongoing dispute serves as a reminder of the influence of social media and emphasizes the significance of responsible online conduct.

Even if unfounded or later retracted, accusations of theft or other wrongdoing can impose serious consequences on individuals.

As such, it is crucial that public figures and ordinary citizens alike take care when making accusations or posting content online that could potentially harm others.


Lizzo eventually deleted her tweet and apologized on Twitter to Tiffany Wells. However, the lawsuit asserts that the accused party had already caused the damage.

Wells had to resign from her position at Postmates due to safety concerns, resulting in emotional distress caused by Lizzo’s actions. 

The lawsuit pursues unspecified damages for the harm inflicted upon Wells’ reputation and emotional well-being.

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