Lois Griffin’s Death Hoax At 43 Unites Social Media Users In Mirthful Interaction

An online commotion was stirred up by social media users on December 26, 2022, spreading rumors of the demise of the beloved Family Guy character, Lois Griffin.

As the hoax effortlessly circulated on platforms like Twitter and TikTok, some individuals started creating humorous videos in which they pretend to inform their loved ones about the news.

 Reactions varied from disbelief to concern, but it all seemed to stem from a common source—amusement. It was impossible to miss the tweets on Twitter with users making jest of the alleged passing of Lois Griffin. 

This prank allowed people from all around the world to share collective joy and inject a bit of unique entertainment with their own comical interpretations.

Fans’ Response 

The suspicious tweets about Lois Griffin’s passing created astonishment and worry among fans of the show. While many took this news at face value, further investigation revealed that this “news” had been fabricated as a joke, likely intended to provoke discussion on social media. 

However, this did not prevent people from expressing concern for actress Alex Borstein who portrayed the role of Lois Griffin.

Despite eventually being exposed as false, the incident prompted viewers to contemplate how closely we relate to characters from television shows, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

Who is Lois Griffin? 

Alex Borstein is widely acclaimed for her portrayal of Lois Griffin on Family Guy. Depicted as a housewife, Lois remains the devoted mother to her *three children, Meg, Chris and Stewie and acts as peacemaker in her bumbling husband Peter’s life. 

While providing a grounded element to their chaotic household, viewers are not completely unaware of Lois’ colorful past. Widely known as a former methamphetamine addict and kleptomaniac, she is notorious for having had many affairs throughout the series. 

This is believed to be the reason why Chris was born. However, thanks to Borstein’s enthusiastic voice acting, Lois remains an iconic figure in modern animated television series.

A recent prank on TikTok involving the well-known character Lois Griffin from the animated sitcom “Family Guy” resulted in an unexpected moment when her passing was announced to family members who were unaware of her existence. 

The prankster announced: “Lois Griffin is dead at 43 – I just saw her on TV last week,” and bewildered family members quickly began searching for her on Google, asking, “the character?” 

While it was likely quite amusing for those watching the prank, it did draw attention to the empathy some people can feel towards fictional characters, with many users responding to the video with sadness and disbelief even though they had no knowledge of who Lois Griffin actually was.

Lois Griffin’s character did not pass away.

Despite the widespread internet rumors of her departure, it was later revealed that Lois Borstein had not died during season 21 of Family Guy. It was unveiled to be an elaborate hoax orchestrated by her son Stewie in service of a virtual reality simulation. 

During this specific episode, viewers were led to believe that Stewie had ended his mother’s life to prevent future troubles. However, as the episode concluded, it became evident that this murder never actually occurred, and Lois was alive and well.  

Family Guy’s 21st season premiered on September 25th, 2022 on Fox Network, and viewers can expect plenty more adventures from the Griffin family in the upcoming months.

About The Family Guy

“Family Guy” is a popular television animation program that premiered in 1999 with twenty-one seasons. The show sets itself apart with one-liners and slapstick humor, often incorporating crude and insensitive jokes.

 It has been lauded for its portrayal of the Griffin family, consisting of Peter (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), Lois (Alex Borstein), Brian (also voiced by MacFarlane), Chris (Seth Green), Meg (Mila Kunis), and Stewie (again voiced by MacFarlane). 

Since its debut, “Family Guy” has gained a cult following, featuring prominent guest appearances such as Ryan Reynolds and James Woods. Furthermore, it is recognized for its hand-drawn animation style, integrating numerous pop culture references.

The comedic mastermind Seth MacFarlane is the creative force behind the enduring animated television series. His contributions to the Family Guy production included:

  • Origination of the original character designs.
  • Acting as executive producer.
  • Lending his voice to numerous characters. 

In order to focus on other acting commitments, he ceased his involvement in the production in 2011 and started working exclusively as a voice actor. If he is still seeking a candidate with the specific quality he desires, he is known to take on the task himself.

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