Louisville Shooting Video Reddit – The Live Stream Of An Attack

The Louisville shooting video Reddit thread was overwhelmed with remarks and discussions about the tragic occurrence.

Early on Monday, a 25-year-old bank worker named Connor Sturgeon carried out a shooting at a bank situated in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. 

This assault resulted in five fatalities and eight people injured. 

Connor Sturgeon, the assailant, was livestreaming the attack on Instagram while it was taking place. The police arrived while the shooting was still ongoing inside Old National Bank and engaged in a gunfight with the shooter, resulting in his death.

The shooting marks the 15th mass killing in the United States this year.

Many users on the Louisville shooting video Reddit expressed shock and horror at the footage, which showed the fatal shooting of a civilian by police officers.

According to the chief, four individuals who passed away on Monday morning have been identified as Joshua Barrick, aged 40, Juliana Farmer, aged 45, Tommy Elliott, aged 63, and James Tutt, aged 64.

Later that evening, police reported that a fifth victim, Deana Eckert, aged 57, also lost her life.

Initially, nine people were reported to have been injured, with one of them being a newly graduated 26-year-old police officer who was shot in the head. 

Five of those injured had sustained gunshot wounds. The mass shooting started at 8:30 a.m. at the Old National Bank located on East Main Street, according to the police. 

The incident took place during a morning employee meeting, which some attendees attended in person and others joined virtually, as per Rebecca Buchheit-Sims, a bank manager who witnessed the shooting via her computer. 

The incident happened about 30 minutes before the bank opened to the public. She witnessed her coworkers being shot down during the attack.

According to Louisville Metro Police Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey, officers arrived at the bank within three minutes of being dispatched and encountered the shooter, who was still firing. 

A shootout ensued between the officers and the gunman, resulting in his death. 

Mayor Craig Greenberg expressed gratitude towards the first responders for their bravery, acknowledging that their prompt actions saved lives.

Following the shooting, the downtown street was largely blocked off by a heavy police presence. Shattered glass was visible at the entrance of the Old National Bank.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, who lost one of his closest friends in the shooting, spoke emotionally about the significance of the victim in his life. 

Beshear shared that Tommy Elliott helped him build his law career, supported him in becoming governor, offered advice on being a good father, and was someone he conversed with frequently, with their talks mainly centered around their friendship rather than the governor’s job.

As part of the investigation, authorities went to the neighborhood where the suspect lived, which was around 5 miles south of the location of the shooting. 

Federal and local officers blocked the street and questioned residents. 

Deputy Police Chief Paul Humphrey praised the officers’ courageous actions, ensuring that no more people were harmed beyond what had already occurred.

Louisville Shooting Video Reddit – The Live Stream Of An Attack

Kentucky Gov. Beshear says he lost a close friend in the shooting

According to a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation, Connor Sturgeon had been working at the Old National Bank for over a year but had been notified of his termination. 

The source also revealed that Sturgeon had written a note to his parents and a friend, indicating his intentions to open fire at the bank.

However, whether the note was on paper or sent via email remains unclear as to whether it was seen before or after the shooting. 

The shooting was live-streamed on Instagram but was not taken down immediately after the incident. Police have obtained the video, as per the same source.

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