Love Is In The Air! Who Is Dove Cameron’s Girlfriend 2022?

As an actress, Dove Cameron is accustomed to being in the public eye. However, her personal life has been under increased scrutiny recently as fans have grown more curious about her romantic involvements.

Following the end of her previous relationships, Dove has been the subject of intense speculation, with many people wondering about her current romantic pursuits.

Moreover, persistent rumors have circulated regarding Dove’s sexual orientation, primarily due to her connections with well-known actresses in the industry. While Dove has not confirmed or refuted these rumors, she has expressed her openness to dating individuals of any gender. 

Currently, the identity of Dove’s current partner remains unknown. Based on her history of high-profile relationships, it’s likely that any new relationship will attract significant media attention.

According to some reports, the American actress was supposedly in a relationship with Thomas Doherty in private, but they did not disclose any details about their connection. 

A few years ago, Dove Cameron was romantically involved with Ryan McCartan. They met on the set of the Disney Channel series “Liv and Maddie,” and their relationship quickly captured the fans’ attention. The couple became engaged but eventually ended their relationship in 2016. 

The news of Dove and Ryan’s breakup was shared on social media, although the reason for the split was not revealed. In late 2016, Dove started a relationship with Thomas Doherty. The relationship endured for four years before they also decided to part ways.

Dove wrote on her official Twitter account, saying: “The decision was difficult, but we still care for each other and will remain friends.” 

She was later romantically linked to Kiersey Clemons, although the two never confirmed or denied anything.

Who is the Alleged Partner of Dove, Veronica St?

In 2022, Dove’s fans speculated that she was once again romantically involved with American actor Veronica St. Even though the rumored couple was seen together on numerous occasions, their relationship has not been confirmed.

Veronica has been in the industry since childhood, and later appeared in several Disney films where she crossed paths with her rumored girlfriend, Dove. Rumors of a romantic connection have been circulating since both actresses posted a close picture together, and they shared their first picture on April 6, 2022.

Dove posted a delightful picture with her co-star Veronica. In the image, they are holding hands; in another photo, Dove appears to have given Veronica a peck on the cheek. Although the pictures appear intimate, neither actress has confirmed their relationship status. Nevertheless, fans are hopeful that the two are a couple.

Following the circulation of certain pictures on the internet, it seems that something has been brewing between them for quite some time. 

Some comments on their affectionate picture read: “It’s incredible to have witnessed this wonderful soulmate’s growth over the years. Thankful that such a good person surrounds Dove.”

Many were excited about the news of their confirmed relationship, but they chose to remain silent about the rumors surrounding their connection. Some sources disclosed that the two have been close friends for a long time, and their few Instagram posts indicate that there is nothing more than a friendly bond between them. 

However, the posts also demonstrate that they are close friends and maintain a tight relationship. Hence, it’s feasible that the rumors are accurate and the couple is simply keeping their relationship private.

Only time will reveal the truth of the rumors, but currently, the pair is keeping mum about their relationship status.

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