Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Photo Leaves Alex Rocking & Sobbing

  • An attorney in court reportedly unintentionally leaked a post-mortem image of Maggie Murdaugh.
  • This image is expected to play a pivotal role in convicting her husband, Alex Murdaugh.
  • Although redacted by the court, it became publicly accessible.

A post-mortem image of Maggie Murdaugh was reportedly unintentionally leaked by an attorney in court. This image is expected to play a pivotal role in convicting her husband, Alex Murdaugh. 

During the prosecution’s rebuttal, the coroner made reference to this image of Maggie Murdaugh’s post-mortem examination. 

Although redacted by the court, it became publicly accessible. The images were displayed when the defense summoned forensic experts to challenge the gunshot evidence during the trial.

Alex, a disbarred lawyer from South Carolina, faces two counts of first-degree murder and 99 charges related to financial misconduct after the fatal shooting of his wife and son, Maggie and Paul, at the family’s dog kennels on June 7, 2021.

On Monday, the defense concentrated on testimonies from forensic pathologist Jonathan Eisenstat and blood spatter expert Tim Palmbach. Both experts contested details that emerged in the official post-mortem examinations of both Maggie and Paul Murdaugh.

According to Eisenstadt, Paul was shot in the head from behind, with the gun pressed against his temple at the time of the shooting. 

Eisenstat indicated that Paul Murdaugh appeared to have been shot from an elevated angle shooting downward, which could suggest that the shooter was taller than him, although this is not certain.

The graphic images depicting the victims’ bodies and post-mortem examinations were displayed at this time. 

Alex could be seen visibly emotional and shedding tears. He frequently wiped his eyes with tissue paper during the hearing.

According to Palmbach, considering the proximity of the shooting, the shooter should be covered in gunshot residue and bodily fluid. On the other hand, Alex claimed that he did not have any blood on his clothing, a statement that had already been proven false.

Prosecutors have cited a Snapchat video showing Alex Murdaugh shortly before the murders when he was wearing different clothes than those he was found in by the police. 

Palmbach testified that the evidence points toward a “two-shooter scenario.”

He suggested that if there were a single shooter, the shooter of Paul Murdaugh could have become disoriented or injured from the blast and would not have had enough time to recover and shoot Maggie Murdaugh.

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