Margie Willett, The First Wife Of Dick Van Dyke – Where Is She Now?

Margie Willet became well-known due to her marriage to her former partner, Dick Van Dyke. The pair was married for more than three decades.

Despite being wed to a renowned actor, Dick Van, Margie Willet preferred a secluded life away from the media.

Prior to and during her marriage, she was a private individual.

The Life Story of Margie

Margie Willet, originally named Marjorie Willett, was born in 1927 in Danville, Illinois.

Her family background, including her parents, siblings, and personal life, remains mostly undisclosed due to her inclination for privacy.

In a conversation with The Guardian, Dyke reminisces about Willett, depicting her as a highly creative individual and highlighting her consistent avoidance of the public eye.

Physical Appearance and Demeanor

Willett disliked Hollywood and maintained a simple persona.

She chose a natural appearance and sported short hair, often causing confusion among onlookers who would mistake her for either Van Dyke’s mother or sister.

Margie Chose Dick Van Dyke Over Her Former Beau

Upon meeting Dick Van Dyke in her hometown, Illinois in 1947, Margie Willet decided to end her relationship with her previous boyfriend to be with Van Dyke.

Van Dyke and a friend established an advertising company after they commenced dating, but the venture was short-lived, leading Van Dyke to return to his job as a high school intern at a nearby radio station.

Following a brief courtship, they got engaged and relocated to Los Angeles to get married, eventually exchanging vows during a live radio broadcast of the program Bride and Groom on February 12, 1948.

Prior to Van Dyke gaining fame, the couple experienced financial hardships and had to live in their car for a period. Their wedding and honeymoon were sponsored by the show’s producer.

The couple had four children, specifically Barry Van Dyke, Carrie Beth Van Dyke, Stacy Van Dyke, and Christian Van Dyke. Additionally, Margie experienced a miscarriage and lost twins in the early years of their relationship.

The Pair Had 4 Offspring

Barry, their eldest son, is a successful performer, and their second child, Carrie Beth, is an actress who has made appearances on her father’s shows alongside her siblings.

Christian, their third child, is also an actor, and their youngest, Stacy, has also pursued a career in acting.

The Duo Struggled With Substance Abuse

During their marriage, both Margie and Van Dyke battled addiction issues, with Margie struggling with prescription medication addiction and Van Dyke dealing with alcoholism. They sought treatment at the same rehab facility.

The Couple Went Their Separate Ways After More Than Three Decades Together

After being married for over 35 years, the couple parted ways following Van Dyke’s infidelity. The divorce was finalized on May 4, 1984.

Following the divorce, Margie did not remarry and withdrew from the public eye. Van Dyke went on to marry Michelle Triola and, after her passing, remarried makeup artist Arlene Silver.

What Was Margie Willet’s Cause Of Passing?

In 2007, Margie Willet, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, battled the illness for about a year before succumbing to it in 2008 at the age of 81. Her passing deeply affected Dick Van Dyke.

Margie Willet’s Estimated Wealth

Margie Willet’s net worth is undisclosed, whereas her former husband, Dick Van Dyke, is estimated to be worth over $110 million. Her estimated net worth is $15 million, as per

Concluding Remarks

Margie Willet’s life exemplifies living on the outskirts of Hollywood. Her connection to Dick Van Dyke was her sole link to the industry, and until her passing, she led a life characterized by elegance and privacy.

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    It’s interesting to learn about Margie Willett, the first wife of Dick Van Dyke, and wonder where she is now. The article provides some background information about their marriage and how they eventually divorced. It’s always intriguing to know what happens to the spouses of famous individuals after a separation, especially when they were once a part of the public eye. I’m curious to find out if Margie Willett continued to lead a private life or if she pursued any endeavors of her own.