Mark Gordon And Constance Marten Baby Missing – What Have They Done?

  • The baby of Mark Gordon and Constance Marten has been absent since early January.
  • The pair has been apprehended and taken into custody in Brighton. 
  • The authorities are actively searching for the infant, who is still unaccounted for. 

The baby of Mark Gordon and Constance Marten has been missing since early January. The couple, who vanished along with their newborn, has now been arrested in Brighton, while the baby remains missing.

Mark Gordon and Constance Marten disappeared, and their car was discovered ablaze on the M61 in Bolton on January 5th, 2023.

The duo was located following a sighting by a member of the public in the Stanmer Villas area on Monday evening.

The police had initiated a “urgent search” for the baby, presumed to have only been a few days old at the time of their initial disappearance.

The couple is currently in custody and is undergoing interrogation by the Metropolitan Police. 

It is assumed that the baby has not received any medical attention since its birth in early January. 

The authorities stated that the duo was located by officers from Sussex police in Stanmer Villas, Brighton, on Monday night following a sighting reported by a member of the public shortly before 9.30 pm.

Marten, 35, and Gordon, 48, have been traveling around the UK by taxi since their car was discovered burning on the M61 in Bolton, Greater Manchester, on January 5th, 2023. 

Officials previously suspected that the couple had been living rough in a blue tent and had managed to evade police detection by continuously moving and concealing their identities from CCTV.

The pair journeyed from Bolton to Liverpool, Harwich in Essex, East London, and Newhaven in Sussex, where they were sighted near the ferry port on January 8th.

Marten was a drama student when she first encountered Gordon in 2016. The couple led a reclusive existence, and in September, when Marten was well into her pregnancy, they began relocating to rental flats.

It is uncertain whether their baby was born at full-term or if it has any medical complications.

An airborne vehicle was utilized overnight to comb the search area, while unmanned aerial vehicles and police canines have also been deployed.

Residents are urged to inspect sheds and other outbuildings and report any unusual occurrences.

Following Marten’s pregnancy, the couple embraced a nomadic lifestyle, continually traveling throughout the country.

The authorities suspect that Marten gave birth to her baby in or near the car a day or two before they went missing. 

It was observed that the couple had been endeavoring to obscure their identities from the CCTV cameras throughout their travels. 

The occurrence was premeditated, as the couple is believed to have carried a substantial amount of cash and used camping gear to live off the grid. 

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