Mason Greenwood’s Girlfriend Accused Him Of Abuse And S*xual Assault

  • Mason Greenwood’s partner accused him of violently attacking her.
  • In January 2022, law enforcement in Mancher city apprehended Mason.
  • However, all allegations against him were retracted after crucial witnesses disavowed their involvement, as per the Crown Prosecution Service.

Mason Greenwood’s partner accused him of violent assault. Robson shared multiple photos and audio compiled in a video to illustrate altercations with him. The images depicted bruises on various parts of her body, including a bloodied lip.

Law enforcement in Mancher city arrested Mason in January 2022, immediately after his partner shared evidence online. Manchester United and Nike terminated their contract and sponsorship with him upon learning about his arrest.

Subsequently, he also faced charges of attempted assault, controlling and coercive behavior, and inflicting bodily harm. Greenwood was then held in police custody in February. Following the police investigation, he was released on February 3, 2022.

However, all allegations against him were retracted after crucial witnesses disavowed their involvement, as per the Crown Prosecution Service.

In Mason’s case, a spokesman also stated, “We have an obligation to continually review cases. In this instance, the combination of the withdrawal of crucial witnesses and new evidence that came to light meant that there was no longer a realistic chance of conviction.

In these circumstances, we are obligated to discontinue the case. We have communicated our decision to all parties. We always encourage potential victims to come forward and report to the police, and we will pursue prosecution wherever the legal criteria are met.”

Mason Greenwood also spoke out afterwards, expressing his “relief” and thanking his friends and family for their support.

Manchester United’s Response to the Greenwood Case

Upon the widespread dissemination of Mason’s news and its reach to Manchester United, they suspended him after verifying the information from legal sources.

In an interview, United addressed his case, stating, “We are aware of images and allegations circulating on social media.”

Following his arrest in January 2022, United announced that they would not offer any commitments or make further comments until the facts were unequivocally clear.

It has been a year since Greenwood was acquitted of all charges and allegations, and Manchester United is taking legal steps to reintegrate him into the team. However, they have not provided any additional comments thus far.

Who is Mason Greenwood’s Partner, Harriet?

Professionally, Harriet is a model and earns a livelihood through various sponsorship campaigns. She is also a fashion influencer and has shared insightful beauty and fashion posts on her social media accounts.

She shares provocative images on her Instagram feed. Her relationship with Mason Greenwood undoubtedly catapulted her popularity on social media.

Harriet Robson, Mason Greenwood’s partner, attended the same school as him, named Mersey School in Greater Manchester. It is widely believed that this is where they began their relationship, and she was approximately 18 years old at the time.

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