Maxim Trubitski – Young Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Maxim Trubitski has explored the globe while working remotely. Meet Maxim Trubitski, a young businessperson who understands the value of working intelligently, not arduously. 

We appreciate your presence and willingness to converse with us. What has been the most significant achievement for you during the years of your accomplishments? 

The most significant achievement would undoubtedly be my global travels. At just 18 years old, I’m extremely thankful to have visited Brazil, South Africa, Czech Republic, Austria, England, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Argentina, Holland, Russia, and most countries in the Caribbean! I enjoy immersing myself in different cultures, meeting new people, taking extraordinary trips with my closest friends, staying in captivating Airbnbs, and essentially turning it into a lifestyle. What I’ve found most rewarding is funding my trips with my vacation earnings. This past New Year, I spent $13,000 at a club in just one night and had the day’s sales deposited the next day! 

What inspired you to enter e-commerce? 

I had a friend who was already generating substantial monthly income, and he encouraged me to give it a try because I had already attempted various businesses. From organizing events, to conducting photoshoots, to establishing a modeling agency, I was very industrious in my entrepreneurial pursuits but had limited success until I finally got the hang of E-commerce. 

What was your reaction when you made your first sale? 

When I first started out, I had so much confidence in E-commerce that I almost anticipated seeing thousands of sales immediately. I recognized the incredible potential of E-commerce because everything is transitioning online. So, when the first sale arrived promptly, I “wasn’t surprised.” However, despite getting sales, I wasn’t actually making a profit! After my initial few hundred dollars in sales, it turned out I was in the red. 

I was relying on guesswork for my marketing. It took me months of split testing and refining the strategies I learned to finally have a profitable month – and it took off from there! 

What are the dos and don’ts in the e-commerce industry? 

There are countless dos and don’ts. Embrace a strategy that has yielded remarkable results for others, and you’ll learn from their missteps – saving you a considerable amount of time and money. Don’t approach it with arrogance, thinking you already know everything. Absorb as much knowledge as you possibly can! 

What guidance do you impart to your audience when sharing your expertise at live events? 

When I’m on stage with hundreds in attendance, I strive to educate people on optimization. The key is to master your body, your focus, your mind, and yourself. If you do that, you can conquer any industry you desire and achieve success. I take pride in the impact my words have had on many aspiring business owners. They have optimized their workdays, their intellect, their ability to create systems, and as a result, have reached their goals more rapidly. 

What have you been occupied with during isolation? 

While I’m in isolation, I dedicate about 8-12 hours a day to my businesses – the usual… I don’t have any distractions or friends inviting me to South Africa, Miami, or London. My focus is entirely on my businesses. I isolated myself and worked on my businesses and health, surpassing any revenue ceilings I had encountered in the past. In my businesses, there’s always a list of optimizations to be done, and even if I had 10,000 hours in a day, I still wouldn’t finish everything I could do to enhance my businesses. We strive for perfection, and although we know we’ll never achieve it, it’s still a goal we’ll continue to pursue. 

Where can our readers follow you on social media to stay updated? 

You can find me on Instagram @Max.Trub. That’s where I’m most active with my followers, sharing everything I can about online business! I also have a Youtube channel: Maxim Trubitski, and I frequently post business tutorials there!

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