Mayara Nitão Death And Obituary: Died After Jumped From 6th Floor

Mayara Ingrid Silva Nitão, 26 years old, a former Miss Sertão Paraibano and ex-Miss Paraíba, died last Saturday, March 25, 2023, after jumping from the 6th-floor window of a building to escape a fire

A Twitter user also shared a video of a heart-rending fire scene.

Mayara resided there with her brother, Cesar, aged 23, who also survived a fire a year and a half ago. He inhaled smoke and was hospitalized. 

The fire broke out in an apartment on Rua do Rocio, several blocks from CPTM’s Vila Olímpia Station. 

Firefighters were called shortly after 10:30 am on Saturday. According to Mayara’s father, his son was sleeping in one of the two bedrooms in the apartment when the fire started and was awakened by the smoke.

Her father stated, “The fire originated in the living room, on the sofa, and spread rapidly.” Mayara was in the other room and would not have been able to escape.

Her brother called out to her but received no response. Mayara then jumped out of the window. Her father mentioned, “She did it so consciously that before she leaped, she threw her purse.”

According to the SSP, the blaze was fierce on the 6th floor of the apartment, but the smoke, quite dense, spread to other apartments. In total, 13 fire teams were deployed to control the damage.

She was taken to Hospital das Clínicas, in the west zone. Her brother was treated at BP-A Beneficência in São Paulo, in the central region.

Mayara will be mourned in João Pessoa, the capital of Paraíba. Her family is awaiting the release of the body. 

Mayara’s father expressed his inability to process the tragedy, saying, “It is very difficult to accept the passing of a daughter who was with you just 15 days ago. I called her every day, so this is extremely challenging for me. Since yesterday, I can’t eat or sleep. I can’t believe she’s gone. Losing a daughter is the worst thing in the world. It’s everything a parent dreads.”

He further mentioned that the building is over 35 years old and that the rented apartment had never been renovated, nor had it been maintained in terms of electrical and gas installations.

Mayara was very close to her family, even though she traveled constantly. According to her father, she even won four Miss pageants.

The mayor of the city of Itaporanga, where Mayara was crowned Miss Sertão Paraibano in January this year, announced official mourning for three days.

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  1. Guest

    I am deeply saddened to hear about the tragic death of Mayara Nitão. It is heartbreaking to think that she felt so desperate or hopeless that she resorted to such a drastic act. My thoughts go out to her family and friends who must be devastated by this loss. It is important to remember that mental health issues can affect anyone, and it is crucial for society to prioritize mental well-being and provide support to those who are struggling. Mayara’s death serves as a reminder of the importance of reaching out and offering help to those in need.