Meet Andy Beshear Wife, Britainy Beshear – Where Is She Now?

The wife of Andy Beshear, Britainy Beshear, is an American humanitarian born on July 11, 1979, in Rancho Palos Verdes, LA County. 

She is wedded to Andy Beshear, who is the Attorney General of Kentucky and a Democratic Leader. 

Britainy is zealous about child security and reducing crime rates, and she serves on the board of Mayhurst, a residential program for girls who have experienced trauma.

Britainy’s father, Allan Colman, has extensive experience in marketing and managing professionals. 

He currently holds the position of Managing Director of The Closers Group, where he advises employees on maximizing profits. 

He is also the writer of several books on leadership and management. Her mother, Robin Colman, is a Vice President at eBay and previously worked at The Walt Disney Company.

Andy Beshear’s wife and family are also involved in the Beargrass Christian Church. In 2016, Andy and Britainy inaugurated the Hope Gallery during Child Abuse Prevention Month to raise awareness about child abuse cases. 

The gallery showcased artwork created by local children.

Britainy and Andy Beshear have not publicly disclosed details about their love story. Nevertheless, on their 13th wedding anniversary, they went camping together, and Mr. Beshear shared a loving post about their time together on social media. 

The couple got married on April 1, 2006, and have two children named Lila Beshear and Will Beshear.

As the First Lady of Kentucky and Andy Beshear wife, Britainy Beshear has launched several initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of children and families in the state.

Meet Andy Beshear Wife, Britainy Beshear – Where Is She Now?
Andy beshear with wife and kids

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear speaks out about mass shooting

A bank situated in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, was the location of a mass shooting on Monday morning.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear verified during an emotional news conference that three of his close friends were caught in the shooting, with one of them ultimately losing their life.

However, the Louisville Metro Police Department later confirmed that five people were killed, including Beshear’s friend, and eight were wounded. The gunman was also killed.

“This is dreadful…Our bodies and minds are not meant to go through these tragedies.” 

“Today is a tragedy. Louisville and the entire commonwealth are mourning and we call on everyone to share the love, support and compassion this community desperately needs right now. A senseless act took the lives of our fellow Kentuckians, including friends of mine. What these families are experiencing is unimaginable. They need us to wrap our arms around them and love them with all our hearts. Thank you to the heroic members of the LMPD and all of our first responders who undoubtedly saved lives while putting their own at risk. We are forever grateful.” ” 

“We’ve got to do what we have done these last three years after everything.”

Is Andy Beshear a Republican?

Meet Andy Beshear Wife, Britainy Beshear – Where Is She Now?
Andy Beshear
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