Meet Dr. Victor Chang Wife Ann Simmons: Google Pays Tribute

The remarkable Ann Simmons, the wife of Dr. Victor Chang, was known for her unwavering support and dedication to her husband’s pioneering career in cardiac surgery.

She had relatives in Australia, including her cousin Peter Simmons, who was a journalist and acquainted with Victor Chang.

Ann mastered Mandarin and embraced her husband’s Chinese heritage. She accompanied Victor to China on multiple occasions, where she met his family.

“I adored China,” she proclaimed. It felt like home.

Ann Simmons was an extraordinary woman who wholeheartedly endorsed her husband’s pursuits. She shared his vision of advancing medical innovation and philanthropy to save lives.

She also raised their children with tenderness and care. Many people draw inspiration from her grace and determination.

Google Doodle Recognizes Chinese Australian Surgeon Dr. Victor Chang on His Birthday

Today’s Google Doodle commemorates the birthday of Dr. Victor Chang, a Chinese Australian surgeon.

Meet Dr. Victor Chang Wife Ann Simmons: Google Pays Tribute

He was celebrated as a pioneer in the field of cardiac and transplant surgery.

Dr. Chang was born on November 21, 1936.

His passion for medicine was sparked by personal circumstances, as his interest developed at a young age while his mother battled breast cancer.

Who was Dr. Victor Chang?

Chang served as an intern at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Under the guidance of heart surgeon Mark Shanahan, he trained in London under Aubrey York Mason.

Meet Dr. Victor Chang Wife Ann Simmons: Google Pays Tribute

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Vanessa, Matthew, and Marcus are the three children of Victor and Ann.

Ann and Victor, exposed to diverse cultures due to their English-Chinese background, provided a cosmopolitan upbringing for their children.

As they pursued their individual careers, Vanessa became a doctor, Matthew a lawyer, and Marcus an engineer.

Meet Dr. Victor Chang Wife Ann Simmons: Google Pays Tribute

They inherited their parents’ passion for aiding others, fostering a strong bond with their father.

The unexpected loss of their beloved father left them in mourning, struggling to cope with their grief.

At 19, Vanessa expressed, “It felt like our entire world shattered.”

At 17, Matthew stated, “He was my ultimate hero.”

At fifteen, Marcus reflected, “He imparted his wisdom, shaping everything I know.”

Their father’s dedication and accomplishments left an indelible impression on their lives.

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