Meet Kirk Cousins’ Wife – What Does She Do?

  • Julie Hampton Cousins is the spouse of the American football quarterback, Kirk Cousins.
  • Julie Hampton Cousins and the former NFL player have been in a relationship for over a decade.
  • They became engaged in 2014 and have been together for the past nine years.

Julie Hampton Cousins is the wife of the American football quarterback, Kirk Cousins. They have been happily married since 2014.

Kirk was introduced to Julie through a mutual friend. At the time of their introduction, she was employed as an elementary school teacher.

Who Is Kirk Cousins?

Kirk Cousins serves as the quarterback for the Vikings. With the best performance of his career, the Vikings secured a spot in the playoffs last season and won the NFC North for the first time since the NFL 2017 season. 

The quarterback played a vital role in achieving both of these feats. Cousins also played a key part in the biggest comeback of the NFL season. He and his team overcame a 33-point deficit to defeat the Indianapolis Colts. 

Cousins would not have had such a fantastic season without a supportive family structure at home. His wife, Julie Hampton Cousins, plays a crucial role in this supportive family structure.

Julie Hampton Cousins – Kirk’s Spouse

Julie Hampton Cousins and the former NFL player have been in a relationship for over ten years. They became engaged in 2014 and have been together for the past nine years. 

She accompanied her husband to various teams and witnessed his multiple Pro Bowl appearances. Apart from their relationship, Julie was able to carve out her own path and achieve great business success.

Julie Hampton was born in Atlanta on August 27, 1989. She is one year younger than Kirk. After completing high school, Cousins enrolled at the University of Georgia to pursue her college education. 

After graduating from college, she started her career as a teacher in elementary school. Despite her husband’s wealth from the NFL, she was determined to pursue her own profession.

For various reasons, Julie recently resigned from her position as a school teacher. They currently have two children. Their first child was born on September 29, 2017, while their second child was born in March 2019. 

In addition, the Cousins family owns a labradoodle named Abe, who features in nearly all of their Instagram posts.

Both partners are devout followers of their faith, and they are openly sharing it with their social media followers. They established the Julie and Kirk Foundation as a nonprofit organization. 

Their objective is to provide financial support to numerous organizations across the United States, including the International Justice Mission and The Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

However, Julie made the decision to take it a step further. She also oversees the couple’s various properties and enterprises.

Kirk’s Memorable Proposal

Although their business ventures and Kirk’s football background are remarkable, it was their engagement that garnered attention.

They have discussed this proposal on several occasions in the past. Kirk was playing in Washington, where he had the opportunity to converse with Bill Huizenga of Michigan.

Kirk shared his brilliant idea: “Since I’d been there before and loved the view, I called him to ask if I could propose on the balcony of the Speaker of the House’s office. They could set it up“, he said.

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