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Menards is the third-largest home improvement chain in the United States, following Home Depot and Lowe’s. Its stores offer various lumber and household improvement products such as paint, hardware, building materials, garden supplies, electrical supplies, ceiling fans, light fixtures, cabinets, home appliances, doors, windows, wood stain, wallpaper, plumbing supplies, carpet, vinyl, linoleum, groceries, automotive accessories, and tools. It was established in 1960 by John Menard Jr. The company operates more than 350 stores across 15 states and is headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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Menards Ownership

John Robert Menard Jr. is an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist who founded and owns Menards. He is also a former INDYCAR racing team owner and the father of NASCAR Cup Series driver Paul Menard. He is ranked 136th among the wealthiest individuals globally and 68th among the richest individuals in the United States.

Menards’ Net Worth

As of March 2020, the approximate net worth of John Menard Jr. is around $10 billion. He holds about 89% ownership of the Menards Inc., making him one of the top 50 retailers in the US with annual profits of $10 billion.

Menards Operational Hours

The operating hours vary by location but generally start from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays, the store opens at 7:00 or 8:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm. However, it’s advisable to verify the hours of your local store before visiting the Menards site to find a store near you.

Note: Due to the recent threat of COVID-19, Menards has implemented precautionary measures such as cleaning and sanitizing. Consequently, the store hours have been modified, effective from Wednesday, 18th, 2020. The new operational hours are Monday to Saturday: 6:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Sunday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Menards Salary Information

The average hourly pay at Menards ranges from $9.81 per hour for Team Leaders to approximately $17.32 per hour for Controls Engineers. The average annual salaries at Menards are around $18,000 for Builders and approximately $82,808 for Drivers.

Note: The salary information has been compiled from 4,485 data points obtained directly from employees, users, or past and present job advertisements within the last 36 months.

Menards Rebates

A rebate is a form of payment involving a deduction or refund. It is a sales promotion method initially used as an incentive for goods sales.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Menards rebates:

How Do Menards Rebates Function?

Rebates are provided in the form of a Merchandise Credit Check valid for making purchases at any Menards local store. Mail-in Rebates are in the form of merchandise credit checks and can only be used in-store. Merchandise credit checks cannot be used for online purchases through MENARDS.COM.

How Can I Find My Menards Rebate Number?

The rebate number from Menards can be easily found on a rebate slip.

For Online Shopping: The rebate slip is included in your confirmation email as a PDF.

For In-store Purchases: An attendant will provide you with a rebate slip when you check out at the register.

How Do I Receive My Rebate?

To claim your rebate, you will need an original rebate slip from either your online purchase or in-store. You can then visit the Menards Rebate Center online, enter the rebate number from your slip, print out your rebate PDF, complete the certificate information, and mail it to P.O. Box 155, Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155, along with your original rebate slip. Please note that a copy of the slip will not be accepted. Also, these rebates have an expiration date, so ensure that your rebate form is completed and postmarked before it expires.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your Rebate?

Once you mail your rebate form, you can track the status of your rebate online. The process usually takes six to eight weeks. After processing, Menards will mail you a merchandise credit check that can be used for purchases at any Menards store. While merchandise credit checks do not expire, they cannot be used for online purchases.

How Often Are Rebate Sales Offered?

The Menards 11% Rebate Sale typically occurs once a month, but the dates are not announced in advance.

To participate in the 11% Menards Rebate Sale, you need to sign up for the Menards Email Program. This enables you to receive notifications about the upcoming Menards 11% Rebate Sale.

What Is The Menards 11% Rebate Sale?

During the 11% Menards Rebate Sale, every full-price, in-stock item qualifies for an 11% rebate sale, excluding gift cards, propane, rentals, and extended service agreements. There is no limit to the quantity of items you can purchase, stated a Menards customer service representative. For example, if you’re constructing a fence and need 100 fence pickets, you will save 11% on each one, as long as the pickets are in stock and at full price.

Is Price Adjustment Available?

Menards offers an 11% Price Adjustment Rebate for any items purchased in the week preceding the 11% Rebate Sale. To claim a price adjustment rebate, you need to visit your local Menards store during the week of the 11% Rebate Sale and request a price adjustment form.

The form is only available during the week of the 11% Rebate Sale, as indicated by a Menards customer service representative. Therefore, if you wish to qualify for the 11% Price Adjustment Rebate, ensure to obtain the form before the 11% Rebate Sale ends — no exceptions will be made. You will also need to present the original receipt from your in-store or online purchase.

Menards Statistics

  • Number of Menards stores: 350
  • Number of Menards employees: over 45,000
  • States Menards operates in: 15
  • Estimated annual Menards revenue: $10 billion

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