Messi’s Mom, Celia, Shares An Emotional Moment With Her Son

Messi’s mother was observed sharing a heartfelt moment with her son towards the end of the match.

Spectators of Messi were moved and shedding tears as Messi had declared that FIFA World Cup 2022 would be his final world cup. 

At the commencement of the world cup, numerous surprises were witnessed as the anticipated victors were eliminated at the outset. 

The supporters of Argentina were stunned when their team was defeated by Saudia Arabia in the world cup. However, Argentina did not succumb easily, and their team made every effort to reach the finals. 

In the final match, Argentina came up against France, and Messi and Angel Di Maria scored goals for their team in the first half, putting Argentina 2-0 ahead of France. 

Initially, Argentina played in an offensive manner and maintained possession of the ball for the majority of the time. 

France’s enthusiasts had given up hope when there were 11 minutes left in the game, but Mbappe executed an unexpected display, scoring two goals in 2 minutes and equalizing the score 2-2 against Argentina. 

Following the regulation 90 minutes, extra time was awarded, during which Argentina successfully netted another goal, crucially putting them 3-2 ahead. 

However, a penalty was awarded in favor of France, allowing Mbappe to score the third goal and level the scores once again. 

This also marked Mbappe’s hat trick in the final. As the extra time did not produce a definitive outcome for either team, the match proceeded to penalty shots. 

In the penalty round, France took the initial opportunity, and Mbappe capitalized, scoring another goal. Afterwards, Messi leveled the score to 4-4. 

The match was ultimately decided as the other players from the French team failed to score, while Argentina’s players displayed confidence and guided their team to victory.

Emotional Exchange Between Messi’s Mother and Son

Subsequent to the match, all the players celebrated with their support staff, families, and relatives.

There was a touching moment when Messi’s fans were moved as Celia, Messi’s mother, hurried towards her son. 

Messi was taken aback by his mother’s sudden appearance. They wasted no time and embraced each other in a poignant moment.

While Messi was in an embrace with his mother, his fans noticed tears welling up in his eyes. One can only imagine the pride Messi’s mother, Celia, must feel as her son clinched the final World Cup of his career. 

Messi was also seen shedding tears during the victorious moments of the match, given its true intensity and unpredictability. 

Messi’s Trophy Kiss

Finally, Argentine fans breathed a sigh of relief as they witnessed the 35-year-old Albiceleste captain, Messi, cradling the world cup trophy in his hands.

While making his way to his team, he was seen tenderly kissing the trophy, a photo that is now making rounds on the internet, with fans preserving it in their collections.

Some have even adorned their phone wallpapers with Messi’s poignant moment of kissing the world cup trophy.

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