Missing Seattle Woman Mariners Game – Is The Suspect Arrested?

The woman from Seattle who is missing was last spotted at a Mariners game.

Seattle police have arrested a man, aged 46, who is believed to be connected to the disappearance of Leticia Martinez-Cosman. She was last seen on a date at a Mariners game on Friday night. The suspect has been charged with homicide, kidnapping, assault, and theft. 

It is still uncertain whether he is the individual Martinez-Cosman was on the date with. Her family remains hopeful, but there is no news about her whereabouts or whether she is still alive.

Liz Latham, a friend of the missing Seattle woman, has known Martinez-Cosman since 2012 and describes her as helpful and friendly, with a strong Buddhist practice. 

Latham has been in constant contact with Martinez-Cosman’s family and reports that her brother is doing everything possible to find her, including distributing flyers in local businesses, restaurants, and bars. 

Latham emphasizes that Martinez-Cosman would not usually vanish, especially as she is a mother. She asks that the family knows that they are in the prayers of everyone she knows.

The man named Brett Michael Gitchel has been arrested. 

Ricardo Martinez, the brother of Leticia Martinez-Cosman, who has been missing since attending a Mariners game last week, has been actively searching for any leads on the internet and distributing photos of the alleged suspect to bars near T-Mobile Park and West Seattle. 

Martinez describes his sister as energetic and full of life, with a close relationship with him, often visiting for breakfast or taking long walks on the beach. 

He believes that the man arrested on Thursday was with his sister at the Mariners game, and they had previously met outside a Seattle grocery store a month earlier. 

Despite the rollercoaster of emotions, Martinez remains focused and hopeful for her safe return.

The Seattle Police Department is investigating the case of a missing person, along with the King County Sheriff’s Office. 

Fans leaving the Wednesday game express shock and concern, stating that the stadium should be a secure place and emphasizing the importance of vigilance and looking out for each other during unstable times. 

The Mariners have released a statement expressing their awareness of the situation and willingness to assist law enforcement.

Leticia Martinez-Cosman’s brother has been actively searching for any leads on his sister’s whereabouts, including distributing photos of the alleged suspect. 

Despite the emotional rollercoaster, he remains hopeful for her safe return. 

The Seattle Police Department is investigating the case, and Mariners fans express concern and vigilance for each other’s safety during unstable times.

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  1. Guest

    I’m sorry to hear about the missing Seattle woman who didn’t make it to the Mariners game. It’s concerning that she hasn’t been found yet. I hope the authorities are doing everything they can to locate her. I’m curious to know if there have been any updates on the investigation or if the suspect has been arrested.