Norma Hunt Obituary – Mother Of CEO Of KS City Chiefs Dies

The first time the Norma Hunt memorandum appeared was on Sunday, June 4, 2023, when it was released by the Kansas City Chiefs. A statement was published on the official website of the Chiefs to announce the passing of Norma. 

It was titled as ‘Official Declaration from the Hunt Family.’ The grieving declaration read, “The demise of our mother, Norma, deeply saddens our family. She was an exceptional woman and a splendid mother who will be fondly remembered by all who were acquainted with her.” 

Norma Hunt, spouse of the late Lamar Hunt and the mother of Clark Hunt, chairman and CEO of Kansas City Chiefs, passed away at the age of 85.

She was widely recognized for being the sole woman who attended all 57 Super Bowls, including the recent championship game in February against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Chiefs, offered his sympathies on Twitter. 

He expressed, “Mrs. Norma was unparalleled. Honored to be a part of this exceptional establishment she helped construct. Her absence will be felt! Thoughts and prayers for the complete Hunt family. 🙏🏽💔”

Norma Lynn Knobel was born in Dallas, Texas, on March 28, 1938.

She was an American History teacher at her alma mater, Richardson High School. She also worked part-time in the office of the Dallas Texans, the teams that would later become the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a private marriage ceremony, she tied the knot with Lamar Hunt in 1964. Lamar was the catalyst behind the success of the American Football Conference Championship Trophy.

He was one of the founding members of the American Football League. Later, the AFL merged with the NFL to form the contemporary league.

The Hunt family also established MJS (Major League Soccer) and presently owns FC Dallas.

After Lamar Hunt’s demise in 2006, his son Clark Hunt assumed control of the Kansas City Chiefs and other franchises. 

He has now emerged as a prominent figure in National Football League ownership.

Norma had two sons with Lamar, Daniel Hunt and Clark Hunt. Her philanthropic work kept her closely associated with the Chiefs and Clark.

When did Lamar Hunt and Norma Hunt get married?

Late Lamar Hunt was an ardent sports enthusiast, particularly of football. His second wife, Norma,  once reminisced that in the initial phase of their relationship, he took Norma to three college games, one professional game, and one high school football game within four days. 

Prior to marrying Lamar, Norma also followed football, but it eventually became a passion that she shared with her future husband and family.

On January 15, 1964, local media reported their engagement news.

Additionally, in the same week, on January 22, 1964, then-31-year-old Lamar Hunt married then-25-year-old Norma at her parents’ residence in Richardson.

The duo subsequently went to the Austria Winter Olympics for their honeymoon. 

That extended their adventures to attend football games, the Olympics, tennis tournaments, soccer games, and other professional sporting events.

The solitary woman to attend all Super Bowls

Norma is not only a distinguished figure in the NFL but also an essential presence in the Chiefs organization.

Right from the start, Norma made it her mission to attend every Super Bowl game. Her perseverance and dedication made her the sole woman to achieve that distinction.

In Super Bowl 2007, when Lamar’s health prevented him from attending, he instructed his sons to ensure that his wife was present at the event that year.

Norma mentioned that her husband “couldn’t bear” the thought of her missing even one championship game.

It was a testament to the significance it held for Lamar and Norma. 

Norma continued to attend the Super Bowl games after Lamar’s passing until her own demise.

No details regarding the cause of death or funeral arrangements were mentioned in the Norma Hunt memorandum.

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    I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of Norma Hunt, the mother of the CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs. Losing a loved one is always a difficult experience, and my heartfelt condolences go out to the entire Hunt family during this challenging time. It’s clear that Norma played a significant role in her son’s life, as her son’s success as CEO of the Chiefs is a testament to her influence and guidance. May her soul rest in peace, and may her family find strength and comfort in their cherished memories of her.