Pastor John Gray: He Dragged Himself At Stage Of Suicide In State Of Suicidal Depression

The infidelity scandal that arose after Pastor John Gray was hospitalized a month ago was just one of several accusations of extramarital affairs against him in recent years.

On Sunday, August 14, the pastor of the Relentless Church in South Carolina returned to the pulpit after surviving a life-threatening saddle pulmonary embolism and expressed gratitude with an apology to his congregation.

“I apologize to my church for any moment when I misrepresented God with my own foolish actions,” Gray, 49, stated during his inaugural sermon.

According to Kebe, Gray was involved in a relationship with an exotic massage therapist in Florida, who is the father of Aventer Gray’s children, Theory and John IV, and with whom the woman had allegedly been communicating and engaging in virtual interactions.

The reality TV star from OWN, who is currently in recovery, reflected, “I examined my life and came to the realization that my lifestyle was in conflict with the teachings of Scripture in crucial areas,” as he delivered his sermon from a chair intermittently.

Gray admitted that he used to be proud and reluctant to take responsibility, with his guiding leadership principle being “Keep out of my business, and I’ll stay out of yours.”

However, the author of I Am Number 8 experienced a revelation: “That’s not how it works when you’re in a position of leadership. At least, that’s how I envisioned it.”

His wife’s plea for prayers during his critical care in July seemed to have been a wake-up call for him.

“Everything I do matters,” he conveyed to the congregation, offering a fresh perspective.

Prior to his recent health crisis, Gray voiced his dissatisfaction with the pursuit of success in contemporary church culture.

Pastor John Gray’s Battle with Depression

This week, Pastor John Grey turned to social media to express his appreciation for his celebrity friend Tyrese Gibson, whom he credited with preventing him from resorting to suicide during a period of severe depression.

“I made a crucial call when I was in a dark place. I called @tyrese,” the senior pastor of Relentless Church announced on Instagram.

The Ohioan shared a photo of himself and Gibson, who celebrated his 44th birthday last week, along with accompanying text.

In response, Gibson said, “Let me call you right back,” as recounted by Gray. Gray mentioned that two hours later, Gibson arrived at his house.

“He physically removed me from the house and took me to a certified therapist,” Gray recounted.

The celebrity arranged for an “IV drip, chef’s table filled with nourishing foods, and holistic professionals ready to address all the pain” in Gray’s body and soul.

Gray referred to Gibson as “the most exceptional human on the planet” and commended him for being “a true friend and brother” on his recent birthday.

“You fought for me when I was on the brink. I will never forget it,” Gray expressed.

Gibson responded, “I’m sorry good brother. The Lord Jesus isn’t finished with you yet.”

“I hold you in high regard as my pastor and elder brother… Simply put, I am extremely proud of you… All glory belongs to God. I simply followed God’s instructions,” Gibson acknowledged.

As Gibson put it, “You were obedient when God prompted you to call me, and I was obedient to answer the call and promptly come to you.”

The “Fast and the Furious” actor assured Gray of his unwavering support and attributed his gratitude for life to God.

When I think about Gibson, about 28 other acts of kindness come to mind. “He is an extraordinary human being,” Aventer Gray declared. There’s no one quite like my elder brother! In our hearts, it’s always summertime for you.

Pastor John Gray Assumed Leadership of Redemption Church in South Carolina in 2018

After years of speaking at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, Gray began leading what was then known as Redemption Church in South Carolina in 2018.

He has faced criticism on other occasions since then. In 2018, he received backlash for surprising his wife with a $200,000 Lamborghini on their eighth wedding anniversary.

Just months later, he confessed to being influenced by “voices” that led him astray and nearly resulted in the dissolution of his marriage.

In a sermon titled “You Are Here,” the preacher revealed his need for “immediate intervention from the Holy Spirit” and announced his sabbatical to the congregation in 2020 after recognizing his predicament.

How Did Pastor John Gray Overcome Depression?

In particular, Gray outlined his intention to engage in the “necessary work” in five areas of his life moving forward.

Gray first revealed his battle with suicidal thoughts in January, dressing in “my funeral attire,” as he told his congregation: “2018 tried to take my life, so I figured I should dress appropriately for the occasion.”

The father of two articulated that criticism about his choices in life had led to thoughts of suicide. 

In his sermon, Gray mentioned that he was seeking counseling to address the unresolved trauma in his life and emphasized the importance of prayer.

“The truth is, I invited some of the things that almost destroyed me. Speaking candidly is not something anyone enjoys. Everyone needs to recognize that the devil wasn’t responsible for everything. 

“It would be helpful if we acknowledged that, because in doing so, we take personal responsibility,” he stated.

Feeling on the verge of giving up, he mockingly remarked, “Hey, you sound like you need therapy.”

“And you too. And you too,” he continued, “And I have counselors. Allow me to assist you. You can’t simply anoint your head with oil and expect all your problems to vanish. 

Some issues must be addressed personally. Some things must be left behind. You will need the guidance of a professional Christian therapist and counselor.”

After experiencing weeks of chest pain, Gray was hospitalized in July of last year due to a saddle pulmonary embolism. His life was in jeopardy due to his condition. After taking some time off to recover, Gray returned to preaching in August.

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