Penn State Defeats Utah 35-21 In Rose Bowl, Cheerleader Goes Viral For Enthusiastic Performance

During the Rose Bowl on Monday, the spirited performance of a Utah cheerleader quickly went viral, surprising college football enthusiasts with their dynamism.

Being “The Granddaddy of Them All,” it’s understandable why they were so fervent about it.

Social media was flooded with expressions of appreciation for the performance, accompanied by jests about inserting the cheerleader into the game.

The individual responsible for this extraordinary display is Hallee Smith, a senior at BYU. Smith has been a cheerleader since the age of 8 and currently holds the position of captain in her college squad.

She has participated in national competitions for several years and has served as an inspiration for numerous young athletes aspiring to follow in her footsteps.

Smith articulates that she utilizes her performances to showcase what can be accomplished through wholehearted dedication.

Smith’s exceptional performance caught the attention of several professional athletes, including NBA star LeBron James, who shared on Instagram: “This @Utah_Football cheerleader epitomizes the energy we all need in 2023.” His message resonated with many fans and gave recognition to Smith’s performance while also acknowledging LeBron James’ support for the cheerleading community.

Despite Smith’s outstanding performance, Penn State secured a 35-21 victory over Utah.

Utah quarterback Cameron Rising sustained an injury during the season finale, which may have impacted his performance with 95 passing yards, one touchdown, and one interception against Penn State.

Meanwhile, Sean Clifford from Penn State amassed 279 passing yards and two touchdowns, ultimately contributing to their triumph over Utah.

Overall, Hallee Smith’s zeal for her sport is inspiring numerous young athletes worldwide who aspire to achieve similar levels of success in the near future.

Her standout performance during the Rose Bowl is expected to be etched in memory for a substantial amount of time – acknowledging LeBron James’ public endorsement of her talent and strong work ethic, coupled with her own determination in supporting her team, even though it didn’t lead to a triumph.

Her narrative serves as a reminder that ardor, commitment, and persistence pave the way for success, irrespective of the obstacles encountered – whether in securing a victory or attaining internet stardom!

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