Percy Hynes White Scandal – The Truth Behind The Rumor

Percy Hynes White controversy has placed the emerging talent in a difficult situation. Recently, the actor was hit with two substantial accusations, one involving s*xual misconduct, and the other related to discrimination. 

Fans have been consistently demanding his removal from the popular Netflix series Wednesday. 

In today’s world, mistreatment in any form is intolerable. Incidents and assertions of such nature are a sore point for almost everyone.

Allegations of s*xual misconduct have the potential to make or break a person’s entire career. Percy Hynes White’s controversy has jeopardized his acting career. 

Twitter user @milkievich posted an extensive thread on Twitter accusing White of assault and ‘manipulating girls.’ The Twitter user claimed that explicit images of White were sent to minors.

The thread has garnered thousands of retweets, likes, and 7.6 million views on the platform, with Wednesday fans calling for his removal from the series and the #cancelpercy hashtag gaining momentum.

A recording of the actor was obtained in which he appeared to use a racial slur as part of his performance. 

The same user shared a screenshot of a message outlining several allegations against White, which accuses him and his friends of “being predators and attempting to manipulate girls into f*cking them or giving them n*des.””

The allegations did not stop there. The Twitter user continued to state that White and his friends would host parties “to invite women they believed were attractive so they could get them intoxicated and high enough to engage in s*xual activity, and also falsely claim to be intoxicated and high.”

The s*xual misconduct allegations against Percy were not limited to catcalling, inappropriate touching, or exchange of explicit images.

According to the Twitter user, even before these allegations emerged, Percy was accused of assaulting a woman. 

S*xual misconduct allegations against Percy were exacerbated when it was disclosed that he committed these deplorable acts involving minors. 

The actor from Wednesday has not yet addressed these allegations against him. He and his legal team have opted to remain silent despite being approached by multiple news outlets. 

Who is Percy Hynes White?

Percy Hynes White is a Canadian actor. 

He is recognized for his roles in films such as Edge of Winter and A Christmas Horror Story, for his role in the television series Between, and his leading role as Andy Strucker in The Gifted and, as of 2022, he stars as Xavier Thorpe in the Netflix comedy horror series Wednesday. 

In light of the recent allegations against Percy, there are rumors that he will not be part of the 2nd season of the Netflix comedy series Wednesday. 

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