Peyton Meyer Leaked – #tiktokleakroom Trends On Twitter

A leaked video of Peyton Meyer has surfaced online, causing a stir.

Peyton Meyer, a former Disney celebrity, and his partner have spoken out about the rumors surrounding a viral video that emerged earlier this week allegedly showing them in an intimate moment.

According to reports, the video was shared on Twitter by Leak Room, a TikTok user. 

The now-inactive account was known for posting exclusive videos and images of social media personalities and famous individuals. 

The account had amassed over 30K followers. It is reported that the user posted explicit content from Peyton Meyer’s OF page on Tuesday, August 31st.

The 24-year-old was reportedly featured in the video in a compromising position with a woman.

Many believe the woman was his girlfriend. 

The widely circulated video has caused a scandal in the online community. 

What is the Peyton Meyer leaked video?

The Twitter account, which allegedly shared an explicit video of 24-year-old American actress Peyton Meyer, gained popularity. 

Over 500,000 people have viewed the hashtag #tiktokleakroom, while almost 39 million people have seen the hashtag #peytonmeyer. 

The Twitter account is currently suspended. Fans are certain that Peyton is in the video as copies of the alleged intimate tape are still accessible on Twitter.

Twitter users speculate that the video of Peyton and his supposed girlfriend originated from his OnlyFans; it is uncertain if the actor has a profile on the paid subscription service. 

Peyton had not addressed the alleged video, so it is unconfirmed whether it actually features him. 

Twitter’s Response to the Video

On TikTok, reactions to the explicit video and warnings to refrain from searching for it to prevent “harming their children” have also gained traction. 

A total of 7.3 million people have watched the four videos uploaded on Tuesday, featuring TikTok users expressing shock while the “Girl Meets World” theme song plays in the background.

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