Phil Collins’s Net Worth; How Much Did He Earn From His Album?

Phil Collins’ fortune is immense, as he is widely recognized in the music and singing industry.

Phil Collins’ wealth comprises his possessions and luxurious cars.

Phil Collins’ wealth is estimated to be 300 million dollars.

As a solo artist and member of the band Genesis, he has sold over 100 million CDs globally.

Alongside Michael Jackson and McCartney, he is one of the three artists in history to sell more than 100 million albums as a solo singer and with the group.

Collins can earn up to $50 million in a single year from touring.

Furthermore, he was listed as the world’s wealthiest drummer at the second position in 2012, which indicates the enormity of Phil Collins’ wealth.

He owns some of England’s most magnificent houses. He possesses a large and splendid property in West London, and he also has residences in London, Manchester, Brighton, and other cities.

His car collection is impressive. He possesses the most luxurious cars, including F-type Jaguar, BMW X5, Audi A4, Tesla, and many more.

He has one of the finest car collections.

Who is Phil Collins? What Inspired His Career?

Philip David Charles Collins was born in Chiswick, Middlesex, England, now part of the London Borough of Hounslow, on January 30, 1951.

In 2022, Phil Collins will be 71 years old. He stands 1.68 meters tall, weighs 65 kgs, and his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

His parents, Greville Philip Austin Collins and Winifred June Collins, raised him and his two siblings.

His father worked in the insurance industry, while his mother was involved in the theatre industry.

While his father had a regular career, Phil’s interest was piqued by his mother’s profession as a child. He would accompany his mother to the theatres and watch the actors perform on stage.

Collins received a toy drum kit when he was five years old. He enjoyed it, and his parents would replace it with more comprehensive instrumental sets.

He cites the Beatles as a significant influence, particularly Ringo Starr.

Collins attended Ероnуmоuѕ Ѕtаgе Ѕсhооl аnd Ваrbаrа Ѕреаkе Ѕtаgе Ѕсhооl for his education.

Phil was passionate about drumming and music; thus, when he was a teenager, he learned drumming under the guidance of Llоуd Rуаn аnd Frаnk Кіng.

While at Chiswick County School for Boys, he played for several bands, including Freehold and Real Thing.

Career Of Phil Collins; One of the Richest Drummer

Рhіl Соllіnѕ іѕ а рорulаr Вrіtіѕh drummеr, ѕіngеr, аnd ѕоngwrіtеr whо іѕ рорulаr fоr hіѕ ѕоngѕ, ѕuсh аѕ Аgаіnіѕt Аll Оddѕ, Тwо Неаrѕ, Аnоthеr Dау іn Раrаdіѕе, аnd Іn thе Аіr Тоnіght. 

Соllіnѕ аlѕо wоrkеd аѕ thе mаіn ѕіngеr аnd drummеr fоr thе wеll-knоwn rосk bаnd Gеnеѕіѕ

Collins began acting as a child, and his mother’s connections with talent agencies helped him secure his initial roles in theatrical productions.

He played a couple of minor roles in ‘Calamity the Cow’ and ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ but he found contentment in his acting career.

In the mid-70s, the rock group ‘Genesis’ put up an advertisement for a drummer, and Collins became the band’s new drummer in August 1970 after an audition.

Collins toured with the band for the following five years and played drums and percussion in their albums.

His debut solo album, ‘Face Value,’ was released in 1981 and featured music that leaned more towards funk and faster beats. The album was a global success, topping the charts in seven countries.

In 2006, Collins reunited with two former ‘Genesis’ members and began a tour called ‘Turn It on Again: The Tour,’ which was a hit.

In March 2010, Collins was honored with a spot in the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.’ In 2011, he announced his temporary retirement.

Despite his successful career, talks of his retirement intensified when he announced in 2011 that he was taking a break due to health issues.

While his representatives clarified that the drummer had no intention of retiring, they reversed their statement later the same day and said that Collins would indeed retire.

Fans, however, rejoiced as he officially came out of retirement in 2015.

Awards & Recognition Received By Phil Collins

Phil Collins was renowned and had a distinguished reputation in the music industry, and has procured several awards throughout his career.

He won multiple Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Brit Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards as a solo performer.

Furthermore, in 1999, he was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in 2003, the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Why Did Phil Collins Marry Three Times? What Happened To His Marriages?

Рhіl Соllіnѕ hаd beеn mаrriеd thrісе tіmеѕ in hіѕ life, but unfortunately, he was divorced each time.

He married his first wife in Andrea Bertorelli in 1975, but this marriage only lasted for five years, and they divorced in 1980. Together, this couple has two sons, who were the vocalists for the popular band Go West.

Collins married again in 1984 to Jill Tavelman, and together, they have a daughter named Lily Collins. They separated from each other in 1996.

Whereas, they were married again in 1999 to Orianne Cevey and have two sons together named Nicholas and Matthew. They went through a divorce with each other in 2008.

Presently, he is in a relationship with Dana Tyler, who is a popular news anchor.

Phil Collins Looks Unwell As He Enters The Stage On a Wheelchair.

Prior to his performance in North Carolina this weekend, the Genesis rocker, who is 68 years old, was seen being pushed in a wheelchair by an assistant.

A day before stumbling on stage, Phil Collins was being escorted in a wheelchair.

As he watched his son, Nicolas, perform a drum solo at his Not Dead Yet gig at the Spectrum Center on Sunday, he slid back out of his chair.

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