President Dave Portnoy’s ‘violent And Humiliating’ Sex Allegations Make Barstool Sports Stock Nose-Dive

Two women accused President Dave Portnoy of sexual misconduct, alleging that the experience was brutal and degrading. Business Insider reported this, and both women, who were given pseudonyms for their safety, claimed that the incidents took place at Dave Portnoy’s residence in Nantucket during the summer of 2020.

Portnoy refuted the claims, branding the report as a “hit piece.” On Thursday, he shared two videos on Twitter, publicly denying the sexual misconduct accusations and accusing the outlet of spreading such news.

The Sexual Allegations that have Shaken the Internet


Madison, a young woman using a pseudonym, told Insider that she first connected with Dave Portnoy via Instagram. After a brief interaction, Portnoy offered her a first-class ticket to Nantucket and an invitation to his home. Their intimacy quickly turned into what Madison described as overwhelming, with her pleading for him to stop, only to be ignored as he continued forcefully. She mentioned feeling like a “human sex doll” after engaging in oral sex and discovering that Portnoy had filmed her without her consent. The experience left her in agony, and she felt unable to escape his actions. Madison also described the encounter as “rape” in screenshots shared with Insider, alleging that Portnoy had choked her to the point of suffocation. At the time of the incident, Portnoy was 43, and Madison was 20.


A second woman, identified as Allison, 19, also accused Dave Portnoy of a violent sexual encounter shortly after her high school graduation in July of this year. She expressed no interest in trying anything new and clarified that the only reason she pursued a connection with him was to gain entry to one of his gatherings. Despite initially declining an invitation due to being alone, Allison ultimately attended a party after being persuaded by her friends. The situation led to a distressing sexual scenario, including choking, after which she was asked to leave. Allison confessed, “He kept spitting in my mouth, which was really gross.” She also admitted feeling scared, stating, “I didn’t want to disappoint him.” Following the encounter, she was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and depression for three nights. Although her mother contacted the Nantucket police, Allison chose not to press charges, fearing public backlash.

Denial of any contact or reports by the Police

Nantucket Police spokesman Lt. Angus MacVicar informed a news channel on Friday that they had not received any calls or spoken to anyone regarding the allegations as covered in the Insider article. He asserted that the department was not investigating Portnoy, as no formal complaint had been filed. Dave Portnoy denied any contact from the police.

The police report obtained by Insider

Anticipating such a response from the Police, Insider shared a police report with an incident number on Twitter, claiming to have obtained the report through a Freedom of Information Act request. They also indicated that a researcher had spoken with the relevant department during their investigation.

Response from David Portnoy to the Sexual Allegations

In response to the sexual allegations, David Portnoy defended himself in two videos posted on Twitter. He denied any involvement in the accusations and accused Insider of crafting a “hit piece” against him. Portnoy also accused the reporter, Julia Black, of fabricating a predetermined narrative and asserted that the article seemed “already written.”

Response in the video

In the video, David Portnoy expressed fear that the article was encouraging people to share more stories on the internet. He stated, “Tell us bad stories about Dave Portnoy,” emphasizing that due to significant public disapproval, there would likely be more individuals with similar stories. He confidently declared, “I guarantee this: they’ll never be able to prove anything,” asserting that no untoward incidents had occurred. He noted, “To me, that’s pretty black and white … it’s such a strange area to be in because it’s a sensitive issue, and these allegations are horrific.” He concluded, “I’m scared now, woke cancel culture wants to cancel me.”

Response to Madison’s allegations

In his response, Portnoy denied Madison’s claim that she had asked him to stop during their encounter. He mentioned that they had spent over a month messaging prior to the incident and mutually decided that they weren’t compatible. He stated, “We did have pizza, hung out, hooked up,” emphasizing that the encounter was consensual at every stage.

Response to Allison’s allegations

Similarly, Dave Portnoy rejected Allison’s allegations. He presented messages exchanged between them and inferred that she suggested meeting at a bar, leading him to believe she was of legal age. Despite acknowledging the sexual encounter, he expressed his surprise at her post-encounter distress. He commented, “But they’re saying she’s so depressed by me, almost suicidal. But she was continually hitting me up to hang out … I don’t know.”

Insider Standing by Its Reporting

When NBC News requested a statement from Insider, they defended reporter Julia Black, affirming their commitment to the reporting. They clarified that the article initially aimed to profile Dave Portnoy but evolved after they encountered an individual’s allegations against him. They highlighted, “Around mid-April, our reporter spoke with a woman about what she described as a frightening sexual encounter with Portnoy.” This interaction prompted further investigation, leading to the discovery of additional women with similar experiences, altering the direction of the article.

The Stance of Barstool Sports

In a statement on Thursday, Barstool Sports emphasized that they do not interfere in their employees’ personal lives and declared that this recent incident does not pertain to workplace behavior. They stated that their policy prohibits them from commenting on their employees’ private lives but assured that they are closely monitoring the situation.

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