Rammstein Till Lindemann: Sexual Harrasment on Three Counts

German bard, performer, and artist named Till Lindemann. He is the band Rammstein’s primary vocalist.

Despite being brought up in the East German town of Wendisch-Rambow, close to Schwerin, he was born in Leipzig.

His mother, Brigitte “Gitta” Hildegard Lindemann, worked as a journalist and author before retiring.

Werner Lindemann was a prominent children’s poet. Till was in a relationship with Sophia Thomalla.

Aside from participating in one song with the punk band Feeling B (which was the former band of Rammstein members Paul H. Landers, Christoph “Doom” Schneider, and Christian “Flake” Lorenz), Lindemann started playing drums for First Arsch, who released an album titled Saddle Up.

Lindemann’s lyric composition began in the 1990s. The band secured a Berlin competition in 1994, allowing them to hire a studio to create a four-track demo. The following year witnessed the establishment of Rammstein.

Sexual Misconduct on Three Counts

After recent accusations of sexual impropriety have emerged, Till Lindemann, the primary singer of the German rock band Rammstein, has been dropped by his book publisher.

Following an occurrence at the band’s most recent concert in Vilnius, Lithuania, where a woman from Ireland purportedly claimed Lindemann drugged her drink, the allegations first came to light. 

Shelby Lynn alleged that after rejecting the 60-year-old’s advances earlier in the evening, she woke up the next morning at her hotel with unidentifiable injuries.

Subsequently, more accusations have been leveled against the vocalist, with the German news source Tagesschau publicizing several accounts of sexual assault. 

Lindemann purportedly solicited a woman to accompany him to a private room before purportedly compelling her to engage in sexual relations with him. 

This took place in February 2020. She was 22 years old. 

Another woman was 21 years old at the time of the alleged incident. Reporters also interviewed her. She stated that Lindemann was on top of her when she awoke in a hotel room. She continued alleging that Lindemann’s agents later offered her medication, which she supposedly declined.

What occurred at the Vilnius Concert?

Shelby Lynn, an Irish woman, alleges that Lindemann or a member of Rammstein’s staff or entourage tampered with her drink after she was invited to an after-concert party backstage in Vilnius.

After consuming a drink offered by Lindemann, she claimed she began forgetting things and later woke up in her hotel room with bruises she couldn’t recall obtaining.

Furthermore, Lynn asserted that she had rebuffed Lindemann’s attempt to kiss her earlier in the evening, to which she claimed he reacted angrily.

What are other Accusations about Till Lindemann?

After Lynn’s allegations, numerous women approached Tagesschau with their own tales about their interaction with the rock star; two women alleged experiencing sexual attack.

One woman, identified by Taggeschau as Cynthia A, said that Lindemann made her engage in sexual activity with him when she was 22. “At that time, all I could think was, Oh my God, that hurts. Hopefully, it will be over soon,” she told the news organization.

Cynthia A claimed that although she did not explicitly refuse, it was evident that she was extremely uncomfortable. She went on to say that Lindemann “must have noticed that it wasn’t easy to sleep with me.”

Taggeschau claimed that speaking with several of the woman’s friends—whom she informed about the incident—corroborated the accusations. The incident allegedly occurred in February 2020 and is now referred to by Cynthia A as an “assault and abuse of power.”

Another woman alleged that Lindemann was lying on top of her when she was 21 years old upon waking up in a hotel room during a post-show party. When Lindemann inquired whether she wanted him to desist, “Kaya R” purportedly said she “didn’t even know what he wanted to stop doing.”

Women claimed they were “specifically approached” by members of Lindemann’s “circle” either via social media or at the concerts themselves, according to Taggeschau, who also claimed that the interviews they had conducted had unveiled a “procedure” by which Lindemann’s team selected them for after-show parties and backstage encounters.

The news source stated that “this is what happened in various cities throughout Europe, always with a very similar process,” adding that women who were contacted before events were instructed, “to dress appealingly.”

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