Rapper Blueface Arrested In Las Vegas: Check Out The Facts 

Rapper Blueface is a well-known musician and lyricist who comes from Los Angeles in the U.S. He recently signed a deal with the Cash Money West record label. After the surprising release of his track “Deadlocs” on SoundCloud, he swiftly garnered national attention.

Meanwhile, what was astounding for his fans was that he was accused of attempted murder. However, the identity of the victim has not been disclosed by the police department.

He has also been taken into custody due to that charge. Let’s examine the specifics of the actions taken by rapper Blueface and the topic of his arrest in Las Vegas.

Why and how was he apprehended?

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Police Department announced that they had apprehended rapper Blueface on a warrant for attempted murder.

Both accusations against Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Porter, arise from an alleged shooting on October 8. Authorities were slow to release any new information.

On October 9, the victim, later identified as Kentabius Traylor, flagged down the police after reporting that his car had been shot at.

After Traylor mentioned that the rapper was conversing with some women in a shabby vehicle, he told the police that the rapper, Porter, fired shots at his car.

The arrest report indicates that surveillance footage depicted Traylor being attacked outside the club before he drove away in his pickup.

By using details obtained from social media, investigators eventually linked Porter to the shooting, and on November 7, a warrant was issued.

On November 15, he was arrested. After a traffic stop in California in February, Blueface was apprehended for firearm possession. This year (2019), he was found with an unregistered gun.

Porter was apprehended in front of a store on the 300 block of Hughes Center Drive.

Porter would be transferred to the Clark County Detention Center on charges of shooting into an occupied building and premeditated manslaughter with a deadly weapon, as reported by the Las Vegas Police Department.

How does rapper Blueface’s arrest in Las Vegas impact his career?

His music career was impacted by this incident. The career he initiated from a very young age and through his hard work. Blueface’s rap journey began after he uploaded his debut track to SoundCloud. By sharing his music online, he was able to start building a fan base.

His breakthrough came with his first single, “Deadlocks,” which became an instant hit and launched him into stardom. Over 2 million people have streamed the song on SoundCloud alone in 11 months.

Following the success of his initial two singles, he began releasing music at a rapid pace. Requests for Blueface to perform at local events and schools began pouring in. In every city he performed in, he was greeted with enthusiastic applause.

The talented rapper has amassed a considerable fortune in a relatively short period. His total net worth is reported to be $1.5 million. Stay connected with us for updates related to his work and this case.

How did Blueface’s girlfriend react to his arrest in Las Vegas?

Subsequently, Chrisean posted on her Instagram declaring her officially support for Blueface.

Chrisean responded to online critics who had urged her to part ways with the rapper Blueface, represented in the video by a necklace worn by Chrisean.

It seems that during her arrest in August following an altercation at an Arizona club, she turned to Blueface for not abandoning her as she went in.

On camera, Chrisean commented that Blueface was on his way home and that they had a court date set for Wednesday.

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