Rapper Cordae Girlfriend – Are They Expecting Their First Child?

Rapper Cordae is in a relationship with Naomi Osaka, and they have been a couple since 2019. They are currently expecting their first child.

Osaka shared on her social media, “Eager to return to the court, but here’s a little life update for 2023,” after posting a photo of the couple’s baby’s sonogram.

Cordae’s partner is one of the most well-known figures in sports. Nonetheless, the mental health advocate has been outspoken about her need for a supportive network to perform at her best, particularly in comparison to her significant other.

She lauded the Grammy-nominated rapper on Instagram, stating, “You’re a star and a light.”

Cordae Amari Dunston has been actively involved in the music industry since the beginning of his career. 

From commencing his journey in North Carolina to establishing a reputation for himself on YouTube, Cordae was resolute in pursuing his passion and he ultimately succeeded. His initial triumph on YouTube culminated in securing a record deal with Atlantic Records in 2018. 

Subsequently, he has launched two exceedingly successful projects, The Lost Boy and From a Bird’s Eye View, which has propelled him to Grammy recognition. 

By attaining a spot on the nominations list for 2021, Cordae is demonstrating that perseverance pays off and that irrespective of one’s origins, one can reach the pinnacle of their craft.

Relationship narrative 

Cordae, an American rap artist and lyricist, is no stranger to the spotlight himself. He was recently profiled by G.Q., where he divulged insights about his and Osaka’s relationship. 

Before their relationship became public, they had been romantically involved for about a year, and Cordae revealed that they generally prefer to keep their relationship low-key. 

Their first date was in 2019, when they attended an L.A. Clippers game, and they shared their first kiss at Indian Wells, California. 

Similarly, Naomi Osaka is a prominent figure in her professional sphere, being the first Asian player to seize the #1 position on the Women’s Tennis Association singles rankings—having triumphed in two Australian Open championships and two U.S. Open titles to date.

She was born to a Haitian father. Until the age of three, she was raised in Japan; at that time, her family relocated to Long Island, New York. Her father encouraged her to take up tennis there.

Osaka practiced tennis throughout the day and underwent homeschooling in the evenings after the family moved to Florida in 2006. 

When she turned professional in 2013, she chose not to participate in junior tournaments, and the Japanese Tennis Federation soon began to support her. 

Over the next few years, she emerged as one of the most promising young athletes.

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