Ray McNeil Murder: Everything About The Netflix Documentary, Killer Sally

The Ray McNeil homicide was the subject of the Netflix three-part film Assassin Sally. It comprises three parts, with the initial one, Sally, delving into her troubling childhood at home. 

The second segment focuses on her romantic relationship with her spouse, Ray Mcneil. In the third part, she provides insight into her decision to fatally shoot her husband. 

On February 14th, 1995, Sally Mcneil was taken into custody for the murder of her spouse, Ray McNeil. She claimed that Ray was mistreating her children, citing his frequent use of steroids as the cause of his violent outburst. 

Both individuals were former marines and accomplished bodybuilders. Ray earned the title of Mr. California in 1991, when he weighed 256 pounds.

While Ray secured his accolade, Sally clinched two U.S. Armed Services Physique Championships in the 1980s.

Sally and Ray McNeil were both bodybuilders, and Sally recalls that when she first encountered Ray at the gym, it was a case of “love at first sight.”

Following their marriage in 1987, just three days later, Ray struck Sally in the face. 

The couple endured their marriage for seven years, marked by a scarcity of joyful moments. Their interactions were often contentious, with Ray subjecting her to physical abuse and mistreating her children. 

In the film, Sally’s children also speak out, with John describing how his father, Ray, frequently subjected him and his sister, Shantina, to abuse. 

Later, on Valentine’s day in 1995, an argument erupted between the couple. This altercation proved to be the last, culminating in his fatal shooting. 

During the dispute, Ray unleashed a brutal physical assault on Sally, prompting her to resort to shooting him in self-defense.

The children corroborated their mother’s claims, attesting to their father’s abusive behavior towards them and their mother. 

Following the killing of her husband in self-defense, she was apprehended. A jury convicted her of second-degree murder, resulting in a 19-year prison sentence. 

Ray Mcneil And Sally’s Affair

Ray Mcneil, a 23-year-old bodybuilder, wed Sally, who was 27 years old and a mother of two. She had previously been divorced. 

They were instantly drawn to each other upon their initial encounter and promptly commenced dating, culminating in marriage. 

Dismissed from the military due to poor performance, Sally pursued a career in wrestling, claiming to have faced off against ten men and earned $3000 monthly. 

Although their romantic relationship started on a high note, their marriage took a turn for the worse as Ray began frequently quarreling and fighting with his wife. 

As per her children, Ray would brutally assault Sally, even choking her.

His brutality towards his wife and children ultimately led Sally to take the extreme step of shooting him, claiming she did so in self-defense. 

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