Real-Life Crime Scene In L.A: Brandt Osborn Arrested For Christy Giles Murder

Three attendees of a Hollywood gathering were detained for the perplexing demise of two women whose bodies were deserted outside medical facilities in the Los Angeles vicinity.

It has been reported that Brandt Osborn, 42, and David Pearce, 37, along with Michael Ansbach, 47, have been taken into custody in connection with the deaths of Christy Giles, a model, and her companion Hilda Marcela Cabrales.

On Wednesday afternoon, David Pearce, 37, Brandt Osborn, 42, and cinematographer Michael Ansbach, 47, were apprehended for the deaths of Christy Giles and Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola in November, as confirmed by LAPD and Giles’ spouse, Jan Cilliers, on Thursday.

The authorities stated that Pearce was charged with manslaughter and is being detained on $1 million bail. Osborn, a Staten Island native who transitioned into a Hollywood socialite and actor, and Ansbach, a native of Poughkeepsie, NY, are each facing manslaughter charges.

“It is believed that both women were administered drugs and suffered fatal overdoses,” stated the LAPD upon announcing the detentions.

“Based on the investigation, the LAPD is apprehensive that there may be additional individuals in our community who might have been drugged by one or more of these individuals.

According to actors Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr., both 35, Osborn divulged to them during a shoot in November about indulging with women and subsequently abandoning their bodies.

I just had the most extraordinary weekend of my life,” Murrietta said the actor informed him.

“He described to me how they partied, two girls returned to their residence, and the girls possessed a variety of drugs.

Murrietta mentioned that Osborn disclosed to him that he left his apartment to undergo a COVID-19 test for the commercial shoot, and upon his return, his roommate informed him of Giles’ demise.

He checked her pulse, panicked, chose not to contact 911, and together decided what to do with the body,” Murrietta informed The Post.

Then they were uncertain, they were disinclined to call 911 and face repercussions, so they determined to transport and abandon her body at Culver City hospital. 

“He said, ‘we left the first girl, returned to our place’ then he examined the second girl’s pulse and it was very feeble, so they contemplated what to do with the second girl. 

“They placed her in the car and resolved to leave her at a different hospital to avoid getting caught.

Giles, a model and aspiring actress, was discovered deceased on a sidewalk outside Southern California Hospital in Culver City on Nov. 13, and architect Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola was found unconscious outside Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles hospital two hours later. 

After being comatose for over two weeks, Cabrales-Arzola passed away when her family terminated her life support the day prior to her 27th birthday.

Cilliers informed the Post that both Osborn and Pearce were in Pearce’s vehicle when they dropped off the bodies of his wife and her friend at the two hospitals. He stated his wife and Cabrales-Arzola met the men at a warehouse party in East Los Angeles, and the group retired to Pearce’s apartment. 

Cilliers relayed to the Post that Ansbach is an associate of Pearce.

We urge anyone with further information concerning them to come forward to the LAPD at the earliest opportunity,” expressed Cilliers.

The LAPD press release accused the men of disposing of the bodies utilizing a black Toyota Prius without plates.

Five days following the discovery of the bodies, The Post visited Pearce’s Los Angeles apartment and observed what appeared to be a black Prius — with California license plates — parked in a garage on the premises. The partially shut garage door partially obscured the car.

During a midday on the “NCIS: Los Angeles” set shooting near the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, Osborn was apprehended by L.A. law enforcement.

A LinkedIn page indicates that Osborn worked as a bartender at Hotel Americano for 15 years — he asserts he “devised my own cocktail called the ‘Sunblazer.’

His Facebook page also exhibits his presence at various events in L.A. In one photo, he is pictured alongside Paris Hilton, and in another, he is posing atop a hill overlooking Los Angeles.

Adverse choices result in compelling tales,” reads his shirt.

Osborn declined to provide any comments when contacted by Post in November.

I have nothing to say, okay? Farewell,” he responded.

Murrietta stated that Osborn informed him that law enforcement combed through his apartment on the day the women’s bodies were abandoned, but no charges were brought at that time.

His primary concern following all of this was that the girls had urinated in the bed during the night,” stated Murrietta.

Cabrales-Arzola was found to have heroin in her system — however, the families and friends of both women have alleged that they were drugged and violated after a night out.

Reportedly, Pearce is also an actor and aspiring director and has been captured in photographs at gatherings with numerous celebrities, including pornographic actor Ron Jeremy, who was charged with over 30 counts of sexual assault in the previous year.

Ansbach portrays himself on his private Instagram account as a “Cinematographer,” as well as a “Director, Producer, Writer,” and even a “Biohacker.” 

The LAPD indicated that the case against the three men will be presented to the Los Angeles District Attorney on Friday.

This is an active and ongoing investigation,” emphasized the police, seeking more information.

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    This is a shocking and disturbing text that immediately captures the reader’s attention. The mention of a real-life crime scene in Los Angeles involving the arrest of Brandt Osborn for the murder of Christy Giles is both intriguing and unsettling. It raises a lot of questions about the details of the case and the motives behind the crime. The reader might feel a mix of curiosity, concern, and a desire to know more about the investigation and the events leading up to the arrest.