Renard Spivey Story: Why and How Did He Murder His Wife?

Renard Spivey, an apparently unfeeling man towards his family and close ones, is a former TV bailiff who shockingly murdered his wife. He lethally shot his wife, Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey, in the home they shared.

As news of the former TV bailiff’s atrocious act circulated, it swiftly became a subject of widespread interest.

Let’s divulge the truths behind the tragic demise of the wife of this recently revealed former TV bailiff.

Who is Renard Spivey?

Renard Spivey is a 64-year-old American actor, model, producer, and former bailiff. Born on July 20, 1959, he was nurtured by two remarkable individuals. However, to many, he is now seen as a murderer who committed a vicious and cowardly act in his life.

The Killing Tale: Origin and Apprehension

A Texas sheriff’s deputy is charged with murder after he reportedly shot and killed his wife inside the couple’s house. Renard L. Spivey, 63, was detained on Monday and booked into the Harris County Jail on murder charges.

For four years, he played a bailiff in a legal drama series on television. From 2012 until 2016, Spivey portrayed the bailiff on the courtroom drama Justice For All alongside Judge Cristina Perez.

When he wasn’t on TV, he served as a deputy for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston.

The victim: Patricia Spivey

Spivey’s wife was Patricia. In high school, Patricia attended Jack Yates. Patricia’s closest friends adored her warm personality. She also emphasized the importance of her physical health.

The quarrel and the Tragic Incident

According to court papers, Renard and Patricia had a dispute on Sunday at their Briscoe Street home. The disagreement reportedly arose from a private subject. After a quarrel involving a firearm, Renard shot and accidentally killed his wife at 3 a.m.

Police Inquiry and Discoveries

According to Fox News reporting, Spivey was found by police with a gunshot wound to the leg after they responded to a domestic disturbance call. Police reportedly found the death of his wife, 52-year-old Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey, who had been shot, after additional inquiries.

Court Allegations and Spivey’s Supposed Confession

According to accusations read in court on Monday, Spivey allegedly told police that he and Patricia had argued because of his steroid use.

Spivey claims the altercation began when one attempted to steal the other’s gun from the nightstand. At least three shots were fired, with two striking Patricia and one striking Renard.

Impetus Behind the Act

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy who played a bailiff in a TV legal drama was released from jail on a $50,000 bond on Wednesday.

They arrested 64-year-old Renard Spivey for murder on Monday night. Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey, his wife of 52 years, was found dead in their southeast Houston home on Sunday.

He is suspected of shooting and killing her. In an interview with police recorded by a body camera, Renard reportedly said, “We were arguing and tussling over the gun,” as reported by KHOU-TV. All day long, we were at each other’s necks. On Monday, July 29, 2019, he was arrested for killing his wife, Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey. Renard claimed that he and Patricia fought all day about how apart they felt. Patricia was slain when a gun fired off in their fight.

The Act Method

When he called authorities to the house about a strange death, they discovered Patricia’s body in the walk-in closet of the main bedroom.

Patricia’s body was found with her cell phone and cartridges nearby.

A 9mm handgun was sitting atop a laundry basket. She was stabbed multiple times, inflicting wounds on her arm, heart, and wrists. Shot in the leg, Renard was sent to the hospital. During their fight, Patricia allegedly shot him in the leg.

Where is Renard Spivey now?

He was in jail during the initial stage of that crime. He got bail due to his history with law enforcement and the severity of the murder accusation against him; the government requested a substantial bond from Spivey. In any case, the judge decided to bail out more than $800,000.

The prosecution asked for a high bail amount, arguing that Renard posed a high flight risk and substantial threat to the community due to his prior expertise as a peace officer and his familiarity with firearms.

The prosecution had asked for a bond of almost $100,000, but the judge reduced it to $50,000 so that Renard Spivey could post the bond.

After being arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife, the Harris County sheriff’s deputy was freed from jail on Wednesday. However, since that verdict, there has been no word on where or what Renard Spivey is up to.

What is Renard Spivey’s net worth?

Renard Spivey’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million or more.

He has made his money from his acting career, starring in movies and TV shows such as Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez, Corruption.Gov, and Married Men and Single Women.


  1. Renard Spivey, a 63-year-old veteran deputy of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, is charged with murdering his wife, Patricia Spivey (52).
  2. The incident occurred at their home on Briscoe Street, with Renard claiming the shooting was accidental following a fight over a gun.
  3. Court records reveal the couple had been arguing about their lack of intimacy, suspicions of Renard having an affair, and possibly using steroids.
  4. Renard sustained a gunshot wound to the leg, which he claimed was inflicted by Patricia during their fight. Detectives found inconsistencies in his story.
  5. The 9mm handgun and three shell casings found in Patricia’s bedroom closet were all related to her death.
  6. Renard has an acting history, working as the bailiff on the TV show “Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez” from 2012 to 2016.
  7. It is currently being reviewed whether Renard should remain employed by the sheriff’s office.
  8. Court documents suggest Renard may have a mental illness or intellectual disability; a mental health assessment has been ordered.
  9. As an experienced peace officer and weapons expert, officials claim Renard is a flight risk and danger to the community.
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