Rico Swavey Car Accident – Ex-BBNaija’s Housemate Dies At 29

The car crash involving Rico Swavey came as a huge shock to his family and supporters. The collision was reported to be fatal, and he sustained severe injuries.

Patrick Fakoya, popularly known as Rico Swavey, was 29 at the time when news circulated about the renowned personality who had recently appeared in the third season of Big Brother Naija as an ex-contestant.

His performance on television was highly acclaimed, and he gained popularity through the television series.

Rico Swavey Car Collision

Rico’s management and his acquaintances revealed that he was hospitalized at Doren Hospital following a fatal collision. The cause of the accident was disclosed to be his intoxication, leading to the car crash.

The collision proved to be fatal, and Rico suffered numerous injuries and fractures. He was promptly taken to Doren Hospital.

He was admitted, and his friends were informed by the doctors that he urgently required a review by a neurosurgeon. The doctors recommended transferring him to Evercare Hospital in Lekki.

He was admitted to the intensive care unit for a period, and the doctors indicated that he would need various surgeries, which would involve a substantial amount of money.

Neither Rico’s family nor his friends were able to contribute to cover 50% of the operation expenses.

Rico’s management team posted a video on Twitter depicting the critical condition Rico was in. The video showed that he was reliant on life support and could not survive without it.

We have to consistently keep him on life support and continue to cover the escalating medical bills while we pray for divine intervention.”

They added, “We cannot manage it alone.” Please click on the link to make a donation at ricoswavey.com.

The link was aimed at raising the required amount from his fans and other potential donors.

On Tuesday, reality TV personality Alex Asogwa, also known as Alex Unusual, shared news about the collision on her Twitter page and requested donations.

On Wednesday, she posted on her Instagram, “I wish I didn’t have to share this, but my friend, Patrick Fakoya, aka Rico Swavey, is in critical condition. We need your urgent financial support and prayers.

“I also wish I could provide more details on his health. But how can I when we are still awaiting the doctors? And we appeal to God to save this dear life or at least give us a sign of a miracle.”

Rico Swavey Passing

Rico’s condition was deteriorating, and hope for his recovery was fading. In addition to being dependent on life support, his internal injuries were not healing.

On October 13, 2020, Thursday, his management and friends shared the news that he had passed away. Regrettably, the funds could not be arranged in time, and his body could not be sustained by life support.

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