Riley Keough Husband, Ben Smith Petersen: Where Is He Now?

Ben Smith-Petersen, Riley Keough’s partner, is a seasoned performer and actor from Australia. His roles in internationally renowned movies such as The Battle of Five Armies and The Great Gatsby eloquently demonstrate his talent for art.

Smith-Petersen has a deep passion for music and he even provided vocals for the track Sand Snapper back in 2013, which garnered him considerable recognition.

In addition, Smith-Petersen’s acting prowess was clearly noticed by the creators of Triple Frontier who selected him to appear in their crime drama.

Tragically, on 12 January 2023, Riley Keough’s mother Lisa Marie passed away after her demise was announced by Priscilla Presley.

Riley discussed her spouse in an interview.

She disclosed, ‘It was more profound than just being infatuated with one another. He always made me feel at ease. You know when you first start dating someone, and you feel awkward, like you don’t want to eat in front of them, you wake up and put on makeup or something crazy like that? Even at first, I simply always felt really comfortable with him and yearned to be close to him.’

Two years later, Smith-Petersen proposed and shared the joyful news on Facebook, posting a selfie of his then-fiancée adorned with her engagement ring that he had crafted from a diamond his mother had bestowed upon him as a gift.

In February 2015, the actress from Daisy Jones & The Six and Smith-Petersen exchanged marital vows in enchanting Napa, California.

‘Ben earned his black belt in BJJ today. He achieved his lifelong goal of becoming a black belt before turning 30. I’m very proud of you,’ the War Pony actress captioned her husband’s Jiu-Jitsu triumph in April 2021 on Instagram.

Smith-Petersen regularly shares affectionate photos of the married couple on social media.

Who is Ben Smith?

Australian performer and stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen originates from Byron Bay.

He is widely known as Riley Keough’s spouse. He collaborated with Riley on “Mad Max: Fury Road” and performed numerous daring stunts.

He has a profound love for music. He lent his vocals to a track on the Sandpaper music album (2013). Additionally, he portrayed roles in Dixieland and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

He served as a stunt double in the animated film Peter Rabbit. Petersen also made an appearance in the criminal drama movie Triple Frontier.

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