Ronald Flowers Now: How He Survived From Dahmer Murder Attempt?

Ronald Flowers was targeted by Jeffrey Dahmer but managed to survive the murder attempt.

A true crime series on Netflix called Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story recounts the life of Jeffrey Dahmer.

The show delves deeply into his life and expands the focus beyond the killings, paying special attention to the factors that led to those atrocities.

We witness the unfolding events from the viewpoint of Dahmer’s family, his neighbors, and the families of his victims.

The ten-episode series explores various factors that contributed to Dahmer evolving into the serial killer he became.

It also portrays the situations in which Dahmer nearly got caught but evaded justice due to the incompetence of a few police officials.

What is the situation of Ronald Flowers today and what transpired when he tried to report the incident? Answers to these questions can be found below.

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer And Ronald Flowers Cross Paths?

Ronald Flowers, residing in Lake County, Illinois, crossed paths with and survived an attack by Jeffrey Dahmer.

On April 2, 1988, Ronald Flowers went to Milwaukee to purchase a waterbed from a friend, but ended up stranded in a parking lot with a malfunctioning vehicle.

His friends had already left, and Flowers couldn’t seek help when Jeffrey Dahmer suddenly appeared and offered to assist him in transporting the bed.

Flowers first encountered Dahmer in 1988 when the latter offered to help him with a car-related issue.

Prior to visiting his residence, Jeffrey introduced himself as Jeff.

Dahmer suggested that Ronald Flowers accompany him to his grandmother’s house to pick up another vehicle, return to the parking lot, and jump-start Ronald Flowers’ car.

After reaching his grandmother’s house, Dahmer offered Ronald a cup of coffee, which he had spiked.

Shortly after consuming the coffee, Flowers lost consciousness and woke up bruised in County General Hospital in Milwaukee, missing his bracelet and money.

Ronald Reported The S*xual Assault To The Authorities

Upon waking up in the hospital, Ronald noticed his underwear was inside out, confirming his suspicion that he had been drugged.

He further realized the s*xual assault when he found blonde hair in his underwear.

After discovering what had occurred, Ronald Flowers reported Jeffrey Dahmer’s drugging to the authorities.

According to the documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster, Cola Styles attempted and failed to rescue Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14, from Jeffrey Dahmer’s bloodthirst, despite seeing him injured and naked outside her apartment and contacting the police.

After Ronald alerted the police, Jeffrey Dahmer was promptly brought in for questioning.

Dahmer informed the police that they had a consensual relationship and denied s*xually assaulting Ronald Flowers.

Even though he led the police to Dahmer’s residence, no further action was taken.

According to the authorities, there is no evidence proving Dahmer’s guilt in the acts Ronald accused him of.

About a year later, Ronald reportedly encountered Dahmer and confronted him, but Dahmer claimed he didn’t know who Ronald was, according to Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series.

When confronted, Dahmer said he was unaware of Flowers’ actions.

Subsequently, Flowers saw another black man entering a taxi with Dahmer. He warned the man about Dahmer’s temperament, describing him as deranged, to which the man promptly exited.

The Police Aligned With Jeffrey

The day before Ron’s hospital visit, Dahmer confessed to the police that Ron had been at his house, but they had only engaged in light drinking, not drug use.

Dahmer recalled helping Ron board a bus. Ron grew increasingly agitated as Dahmer feigned ignorance and invited him in for coffee.

The police sided with Jeffrey Dahmer, stating they found no evidence to support Flowers’ claims, ultimately making it Flowers’ word against Dahmer’s.

It was striking what Dahmer told the investigators about his encounter with Ron Flowers when questioned about the seventeen murders he had committed.

If Dahmer’s grandmother had not accidentally seen them together, Ron would likely have become another murder victim.

Ronald Flowers Shares His Experience With Jeffrey Dahmer

In the film Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster, Ronald Flowers shared his encounter with Jeffrey Dahmer.

According to Ronald, it was ‘intense fear.’ He mentioned that, while testifying in court, he was employed as a counselor for the Lake County Division of Mental Health in Illinois.

He had been trained to identify signs of mental illness in others and had been working with people with mental illness and developmental disabilities since 1985, but he claimed he didn’t see any in Dahmer.

Upon arriving, Dahmer offered them coffee.

After drinking the coffee, he noticed that Dahmer was staring at me in a scary way—it was as if he was expecting something to happen.’

The last thing I saw was the floor and his shoes before Flowers felt disoriented and just slumped forward.’

Where Is Ronald Flowers Today?

The encounter between Ronald Flowers and Jeffrey Dahmer in Lake County, Illinois, left a lasting impact on him.

Since his trial, Flowers has steered clear of the limelight, and little is known about his life other than his testimony on surviving Jeffrey Dahmer’s attack.

There is no concrete information, but it is assumed that he likely continued working in Illinois and resides there.

He hasn’t spoken about Dahmer outside of his testimony in court and his appearance in the documentary, as he prefers to lead a peaceful and quiet life, away from the media attention that has consumed other individuals associated with Dahmer.

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